Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good, Better and Worst

The Good:

My Mothers Day was fabulous. My only request was to go somewhere with our little family of 5 and relax and spend time together and have a picnic.

And that we did. In Newport, RI. On a sunny, yet wickedly windy day.

The Better:

Our driveway. Remember this?

The puddle lake that formed on our newly-paved driveway?

Well, yesterday, we had this going on:

And now the driveway is officially (re)done. Let the basketball games begin!

So why was I around on a Monday morning to be taking these pictures, you may wonder?

The Worst:

Middle woke up on Saturday morning with a red rash on his face. It was mostly on his cheeks, but over the course of the day, it spread to his arms and legs.

He never complained about it, and wasn't feverish or swollen. It wasn't hives, nor poison ivy. I hadn't changed detergents and he hadn't eaten anything unusual.

Weird, right?

So by Saturday night when it was still present, I began to get more concerned. I called the pediatrician's office. The Dr. on call instructed me to dose him with a tsp. of Benadryl, but that as long as Middle wasn't having trouble breathing, that there was nothing they really could do for me him.

Sunday was Mothers Day. (See above)

And yesterday, the rash was still all over his scrawny little bod. So I stayed home (*cough cough*) sick.

Off to the doctor we went.

She took one cursory glance at him and then questioned, "Did it start on his face?"

"Yep, as a matter of fact, it did", I replied.

Her response? "You got yourself a classic case of Fifth Disease, little guy."

Well, slap me silly. In 7-1/2 years of motherhood, this is one I hadn't yet heard of.

Frickin great.


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Michele R said...

That is what I suspected when I read rash on face. Looks like really pretty weather to have been off. Hope you had a great day. We had poison ivey on youngest at my house. Got real bad and Minute Clinic prescribed some miracle ointment.

Ashley said...

Aww poor guy! Hope he gets better soon.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Happy Mother's Day! Nice driveway!

amanda said...

some days i come here and i kinda hate you...newport ri?? seriously friend?? how jealous am i??

uhm but not jealous about the fifth disease...

happy mama's day :)

Life As I Know It said...

Must be going around because some mom's at Tball were talking about Fifth's last week.
Hope he's feeling better soon (and hoping even more that noone else gets it!).

Carrie Ella said...

I've never heard of Fifth Disease before and I have 4 kids with the oldest being 18. Crazy!

Glad to hear you enjoyed Mother's Day. The pics are nice.

Amy said...

I was in Newport last June and it was the loveliest place!!

Sorry about the 5ths disease. That part sucks.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Slapped cheek disease, huh? Hope middle is better soon!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Terri said...

Poor guy.

Happy belated Mother's Day

Manic Mommy said...

Two out of three ain't bad. My sister's kids had 5th disease as did a bunch of kids in preschool last year. Hope he's already on the mend.

Try this one on for mother of the year: Gremlin has had a dry patch on his leg for a month or so. When I think of it, I slap some Aveeno on it. I mentioned it in passing at his four year check up...and it's suspicious of (wait for it) ring worm!

Lotrimin twice a day and we should be fine in a month. Awesome!

Draft Queen said...

So jealous about Newport. I head there over the summer. Love running the cliff walk!

Hope the little one feels better soon!

Judy said...

I guess I know about FD simply because I teach preschool - it comes and goes. Nothing you can do about it - the contagiousness passes by the time the rash shows up. A major pain mostly.

Suburb Sierra said...

Our new rash discovery was Impetigo? Our neighbor's daughter had it and apparently it is highly contagious. I had never heard of it before and luckily we have been rash-free.

So many bumps, so little time to learn them all!

And you've just inspired me for a new weekend trip with the family this year - haven't been to Newport in years and we are determined to stay "local" this summer!

Maureen said...

What a fabulous way to spend Mother's Day.

Sorry about Middle's illness...

wenderful said...

Love your header with the lamp shade!
Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my sits day today! I had ginormous fun.

Patois42 said...

You're the second person I've heard whose kid has this right now. My daughter, she of the incredibly rosy cheeks, is often mistakenly thought to have this, particularly by little old ladies in grocery stores.

Rebecca Jill said...

Catching up on reading posts ... my sister had Fifth Disease when she was 12, and her now 23 month old had it sometime last fall. One of the girls in my niece's daycare had it, and it spread to the other children.


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