Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cost of Easter Weekend

1. Bike helmet used interchangeably as a batting helmet: $20.00

2. Leapfrog Leapsters: $50.00 each

3. Bottled water: $.99 (or, if I were to be snarky, deodorant: $3.99)

4. Puddle on freshly paved driveway? Let's put it this way - the driveway cost us $4,000+. So I'm not quite sure of the price, then, for extreme aggravation, unreturned phone calls and a shitty-looking driveway. How about $Grrrrr$

5. My new Pier 1 pillows being recklessly tossed about by wild banshee children (and adult larger child): $14.99 each

6. 3 pounds of ground beef for meatballs: $12.00 (Slave labor by Poppa = free)

7. Intense game of Blokus washed down with Corona Lights: $35.00

8. Box of red wine that Bro's girlfriend drank all weekend: $10.00 (if that)

9. Vinegar, egg dying kit, 2-dozen hardboiled eggs: $7.00

10. Easter basket loot for 4 little guys: $30.00

11. Soap, soap, and uh, more soap: $3.00

12. Contents of the Golden Egg found during the annual Easter egg hunt: $20.00

13. Spending time with family? Priceless

(And tiring.)


Serenityville said...

soooo cute!!!

karen said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome holiday! I would be all up in that contractor's place about the driveway, though - that stinks!!

A Christian Mom said...

Looks like you had a great day!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day!

Shasta said...

Great post! I love all of the pictures and hearing about your Easter weekend!

Mags said...

LOL...I'm only posting because you have some cool family members that are NY sports fans. :)

Banteringblonde said...

I love all those pictures ... family time is so special!

Allison said...

Looks like a great weekend - Now relax!

Nice pictures

Maureen said...

Love it.


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