Sunday, March 08, 2009

Friday - Part I of My Fishful Thinking Experience

(So, remember when I wrote about how I believe there should be "Mommy business trips"? Well, now I'm even more convinced that THERE SHOULD BE MOMMY BUSINESS TRIPS.)


Left work shortly after noon on Friday and paid a visit to my hairstylist. (Strategic planning on my part, you betcha.) Got fab new color and a much-needed trim and he only charged me $65.00! Lovelovelove my Boston hairdresser.

Took a cab to the airport. During which the Jamaican cabby extolled to me the devastation of his divorce and that even if I should ever find my man "laying on top of anothah woman", I should "forgive him, mon." Uhhh, riiiiiiiiight. Moving on.

Got to Logan with, oh, 2+ hours to spare. Immediately hit the restroom bar. Just my luck, sitting next to me, was Barry Businessman (clarification: at the bar, not the restroom), juggling a cell phone and CrackBlackberry simultaneously. Speaking loudly so that everyone within earshot knew that "Floug Deming" (heh) was Important. So while he spewed lines like "Let's knock this one out!" and "I'm Johnny on the spot on this, trust me", I tried not to roll my eyes as I sipped my cabernet (OH YES I DID HAVE A GLASS OF WINE AT 2PM. AT THE BAR. IN THE AIRPORT. ALONE. LIKE A BIG GIRL.)

So my flight was fine, aside from the fact that my seatmate was Sammy Steroids. A gold-chain wearing, broad shouldered, no neck guy who never stopped cracking his knuckles, bouncing his leg and tapping his fingers. For the entire flight. And did I mention that he also mumbled to himself under his breath? For the entire flight. I think Sammy was seriously jonesin'. The amount of fidgeting was pretty much the same experience I would have had sitting next to one of my boyz. Except with way less legroom.

When the shuttle picked me up, I met Jyl (from Mom It Forward) and we chatted nonstop the entire way to the hotel, while our schizo driver bobbed and weaved her way through the NY traffic, flashing the high beams at anyone who dared get in her way. And when Jyl needed change for $20, guess where the driver pulled her money from? Not her bra (which? ewwww!), but kinda worse. Her shoe! Sweaty, crumpled money that was jammed under her skank foot in her shoe. Yum.

Forcing myself to take advantage of this unique opportunity I had been given, instead of holing up in my hotel room for the rest of the night, as was my natural inclination (big bed! lots of pillows! the remote control!), I ventured down to the bar area and had some dinner and a drink. A Florida businessman began making small talk with me and offered me a Limoncello, which I had never even heard of, nor tried, before. I'm sure I totally offended him when I proclaimed that it smelled, and tasted, like lemon Pledge dusting spray. And then proceeded to focus solely on my meal so that he DIDN'T feel compelled to KEEP TALKING TO ME.

It was then I noticed another woman walking in alone, about to take a seat at the oppposite end of the bar. I blurted out, "Are you here for Fishful Thinking?" and she was!

It was Tiffany, of SITS girl fame. We clicked INSTANTLY, and were pretty much on the same wavelength regarding our opinions of the campaign, the folks at Mr. Youth, and our expectations for the next day's seminar practically everything.

Anyway, I didn't go to bed that night until after 1 a.m. and wasn't able to fall asleep until almost 3 a.m., a mere few hours before my 7 a.m. wakeup.

Next: The post that finally brings me to my point - Saturday's Fishful Thinking Seminar...


Amy said...

Well it's certainly interesting so far!

Forgive him huh? I'm sure.

And the $ in the shoe thing - GROSS!

t said...

LOL....I just wrote my travel journal up on my blog. I knew I liked you. My sister in law makes limoncello and I always drank it politely thinking "Pledge, yum".

You rock.

Monnik said...

I can totally hear your Jamaican cabbie saying that.

I've never heard of limoncello before. Doesn't sound so great...

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the weekend!

Allison said...

you crack me up! - I can totally picture all of what happened to you. Sounds like fun (making fun of others is always a good time)

WAICSoCal said...

You are hysterical..both on your blog and in person.

You are my new bloggy crush.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad there was someone to click with! One of my big fears when I've gone to blogger parties or whatever is that I'll walk in and be the only one there lol.

Paula Reece said...

Love it--crumpled, sweaty money; TMI cabby, flirty businessman, and all! Just think—you could've been home barking at boys to take showers and quit fighting (Oh, maybe that's just my house), but instead you were out having a real adventure! So happy for you and can't wait to hear about the meeting!

Banteringblonde said...

lol sounds good so far! You mean i'm not supposed to keep my money in my shoe? darn!

Cheryl Lage said...

Limoncello. The elixir that George Clooney and Danny DeVito were soaking up the night before DeVito's drunky appearance on...was it Today or The View?

So glad we're all looped in...if not a bit loopy!

(FYI: My great-grandmother had a little drawstring bag she cinched to her bra-strap...don't think she had the flexibility to reach her shoe... ;) )

Hysterical post!


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