Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Fair(l)y (Rainy) Tale

(Once Upon A Time...)

Yesterday was a wacky weather day here in New England. More so than usual, that is.

Most schools were closed. It snowed. It sleeted. It rained.

By evening, when I got off the train, it was a torrential downpour. I sludged with all the other commuters through the parking lot to my car, eager to get home and get dry. But first, I had to scrape the slushy layer of snow and ice from my vehicle. So I tossed my bag on the passenger seat, started the ignition, grabbed my scraper and went to work.

When I finally managed to clear my windshield enough, I went to get back in the car to start the wipers.

The door was stuck.

I figured it was the ice.

I tried the passenger door. Nope.

Then both back doors. Nope.

Then the driver's side door again.


(Did I mention it was raining pouring?)

The woman parked next to me was just finishing scraping off her car. I quickly approached her to ask if I could borrow her cell phone.

I called the Trenches. No answer.

Fuckity fuck.

I tried Hubby's cell phone. Breathlessly, he huffed hello.



So I waited. Alone. In the dark. In a deserted parking lot.

(Did I mention it was raining a monsoon?)

And then 25 minutes later, my knight in shining armor Hubby rode up on his white stallion drove up in his Yukon Denali and rescued me unlocked my car.

And we lived Happily Ever After.

The End.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the lady at work that could not assemble the binders properly would have done something like this?

Dorene said...

I always fear that this will happen to me. So much so that I would rather leave the door wide open than take a chance. Which means that I will never get locked out but it is very likely that someone will jump in and steal my car.

hqm said...

YOu poor must have taken you all night to get warm again!

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

I, too, have done this (although it wasn't pouring at the time). Luckily I was still in the driveway at the time and dashed upstairs and grabbed the second set of key and unlocked the car, with the husband none the wiser! (Until I told him about it later, and he politely informed me that the car will lock the doors if the ignition is on and the car has been put in park after being in gear. At least now I now...)

Shanna said...

Rough night! Glad you had someone near to borrow a phone.

Suburb Sierra said...

I am laughing, but in a sympathetic way, I swear...start taking Vitamin C now so you don't get a cold from all that time in the cold rain.

amanda said...

tell me you took today off...

you probably needed the whole day to just get warm again :(

sorry friend.

Chris said...

Did you know that if you have one of those nifty push button keychains that unlock your door, you can use them over the phone?

Hurray for knights in shining armor!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like my luck is rubbing off on you!

Thank goodness you got ahold of your knight in shining denali.

Michele R said...

I too learned of the trick where you can have hubby use you lock remote by doing it over the phone and you put your cell phone right by your car. We had my brother in law demonstrate. But I had forgotten so thanks for the reminder!

Manic Mommy said...

I think I would have reached through the phone to throttle him after the exaggerated sigh.

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

OMG, worse than my flood. I hope you found a BOTTLE of relaxation as well. :o)

Patois42 said...

That first comment had me howling! You might be her Binder Bitch, but, hmmmmm.

O's Working Mommy said...

OH you poor thing, the weather was terrible.

Your blog makes me laugh. Thanks

iheartchocolate said...

ahhh those men, aren't they glorious sometimes?

Anonymous said...

So WEIRD - we didn't get the tiniest bit of strange weather yesterday. Which led to bafflement, today, when we were in Beverly and Swampscott house-hunting and there were several inches of standing ice on every flat surface.


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