Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Trenches 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - WINNERS REVEALED!

I was going to be all cute and fun and let my boyz "help" me pick the winners of the 12 prizes. But then I realized just how many comments I received, and HOW NOT FUN it would be to try to do something like pick names out of a hat.

So total cop out - I sat in the computer room alllllllll by myself with a glass of wine and used to draw the winners.

Here they are!

Day 1: Braun thermoscan - Maureen at Mom Times Two

Day 2: Mommy magnets - Kari at the Redhead in the Corner

Day 3: Twilight Collector's Items courtesy of Mom Generations - Deb at Margherita

Day 4: Vicks Waterless Vaporizer - Shasta at Crackers and Chaos

Day 5: Kohl's gift card - Amy at Babies and Bon Bons

Day 6: iTunes gift card - Julie at Angry Julie Monday

Day 7: copy of Rockabye book - K at Twisted Tendrils

Day 8: SpongeBob DVD - Lisa at Workout Mommy

Day 9: Crate & Barrel cheese serving set - Judy at Where One Day Runs Into Another

Day 10: copy of 32 Third Graders & One Class Bunny book - Patois at Whee! All the Way Home

Day 11: little boy matted print and picture frame - Simply Anonymom

Day 12: Mukka Express cappuccino maker - Amanda at Lifelong Playdate



amanda said...


calling all my friends and inviting them over for some yummy cappuccino!!

thank you thank you thank you!!

and congrats to all the other big winners too :)

ps - did i mention this is the BEST giveaway EVER??

Mrs. Fabulous said...


oh, well, there's always next year!

:>) Congrats to the winners!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled to win the Twilight Collector's Items! It's been several hours and I still have a huge grin on my face.

Thank you for the wonderful giveaways during this Holiday Season.

And I'm loving the Christmas pictures you posted, #1 being my favorite!

workout mommy said...

yay! Thank you!
We'll be having a SpongeBob party up in here, if anyone would like to stop by! :)

Maureen said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I wish I never had to use it, but the last few weeks have proved otherwise.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Awesome!!! I will be sending you my 411!

Simply AnonyMom said...

YIPPEE! Christmas came early. I want to thank you for the awesome giveaways you hosted. I know it took time and energy and it was very well received and very appreciated by us all.

Mags said...

Congrats to all the winners!!! I'm happy to see my lil sis was one of the winners. :) Thanks for putting on a great Xmas give-away!

Shasta said...

Thank you so much! I loved your giveaways and I can't wait to try my new Vicks out in the the boys room!!

Congrats to all of the winners!


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