Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Middle

Just recently, Middle has really started to enjoy "reading" sight words and sounding out letters. He has Hop on Pop mastered (more memorization than actual reading though, I suspect).

He constantly wants us to know what time it is: "Mom, it's 7:31. Mom, now it's 7:32. It's 7:34. Look, it's 7:35!" (Perhaps Mommy should invent a little drinking game to play along?)

He's also always asking, "How many more sleeps?" until an event is going to happen. "How many more sleeps until Santa comes?" "Until it snows and I can sledride?" "Until my birthday?" *open eyeball, insert toothpick*

And while Eldest and Baby run amok thru the Trenches like madmen, playing football, Middle sits quietly drawing on his Magnadoodle. Or looking at books. Or circling individual letters in Eldest's word search books. Not feeling left out. Content with what he's doing instead.

The other day, Eldest and Baby came crashing down the stairs, all decked out in football jerseys, shorts, helmets, mouth guards and socks pulled up to their knobby knees.

Without skipping a beat, Middle looked up from his puzzle and remarked,

"You guys are DORKS." and went back to his puzzle.

He's my best silly face-maker, my singer, my artiste, my creative wonder, marching to the beat of his own drum. My Middle.


Shasta said...

He sounds a lot like my middle son, maybe it's a middle kid thing. Love the "dorks" comment!

Anonymous said...

My second child is just like that. And to be honest, it's quite refreshing. He's the one I can always count on to behave and be quiet (most of the time). I always know that he's good at school and that he is the polite one that thinks before acting. As for the other three, they're hell on wheels.

Jenni said...

He is soooo handsome!!!

chrissyrudd said...

How cute! I love watching my kiddo's personalities develop! I see so much of us in them! Which could be good, or very, very bad.

amanda said...

such a sweetie :)

Unknown said...

Oh we are there, too, with the sight words.

I can spell night! N I G H T! Night!
I can spell baby! B A B Y! Baby!
I can spell penis! P E N I S! Penis!
I can spell - Okay enough spelling for a little while, buddy!

Manic Mommy said...

I'm posting HRH's handiwork - a picture and a 'caption' describing what's going on. They sound like peas in a pod.

Allison said...

You have beautiful children. Your Middle sounds a lot like my middle. Not too much frazzles her - Except older Brother - but that is "his Job" I guess. Great blog - I have added you to my favorites

Mom of 5 said...

It's so neat how they have their own personalities. I have my quiet bookworm (oldest), my social one (middle boy), my gossip (oldest girl), my sweetheart (Bubba, 5), and my terrible two toddler.

It makes for a nice balance.

Such a sweet face on him!

Patois42 said...

Sounds like a doll, really. My youngest (6) likes to watch the digital clock, too, giving out a big cheer whenever it turns to exactly on the hour. Hooray!! It's 8:00!!


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