Friday, December 19, 2008

Must Be Santa

I know I joked before about seeing "Santa" boozin' it up at the bar, but I gotta tell you, I'm now officially a true believer.

Last night we took the boyz to Hubby's holiday party at work. The Big Guy was there. And man, was he authentic. Matter of fact, we even parked our car next to his "sleigh". A black Chrysler (according to Eldest, anyway - what the heck does this mommy care know about cars?) that had a "SANTA 1" license plate.

Just take a look at this guy:
Lemme tell you, the boyz were MESMERIZED. He? Was the Real Deal.

If Eldest had any doubts in that 7 year old Rainman brain of his, this guy wiped them out. For this Santa was gentle and soft-spoken, he asked the right questions, and he took his sweet ole' time with them. I may have even shed a (teeny tiny) tear as I took these pictures, watching the magic happen through the wine lens of my camera.

Now, for those of you who may have children who are in that "is he/isn't he real?" phase, I just found this site (courtesy of The Mom Blogs).

Thankfully, I don't need to use it this year, but I have a feeling that my time is limited. And you can bet I'll be pulling that outta my Mom Bag O' Tricks when the need arises! (Hopefully not until at least 2011 - how naive am I???)

But for now? We in the Trenches are ALL Believers.

Peace Out.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Damn. He's impressive. He'd make me a believer.

Told A. about you seeing him and J. at S&S last night. He was all "Aw, and I looked like hell." He's such a girl.

Patois42 said...

If that's the Santa my kids meet, even my 12-year-old will convert to a true believer again.

amanda said...

wow he does look like the real deal!

i remember once when i was in junior high, clearly a non-believer, my parents drug us out to see santa. this guy knew every inch of my house and knew what i had gotten the year before.

i totally bought it!

i love believing :)

happy holidays friend!

Allison said...

great pictures - enjoying your blog - please forgive me - I have tagged you to post seven random and weird things about yourself. visit my blog to read the rules.

Jennifer said...

Holy Christmas! That is one awesome Santa!

As hard as it is having toddlers, I'm glad I still have many years before worrying about whether they believe or not.

Judy said...

Travis, at 9, asks quite a few questions about the Big Man. I simply answer with a question - "What do you think?" and then he always goes back to believing. I have no idea how much longer it will last, though.

I do remember a few years ago we went to see Santa and he got all serious and whispered something in Santa's ear. I found out a few moments later he had asked Santa how in the world he got his reindeer to fly. I have no idea what the answer was. (and hopefully it was "G" rated!).

Jenni said...

My days are numbered, too... Wah!

What a GREAT Santa!

Mags said...

I just showed that site to my husband. He wants to do it every year now. LOL Our kids are 5, 5, and 3 and still believe. I did have to answer some questions for my doubting 3yo....Egads!

Maureen said...

That Santa is awesome. The thermoscan arrived yesterday! Thanks again for the gift. Merry Christmas!


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