Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't (Happy New Year!)

So Boston is expecting a winter storm today that will dump between 6-8 inches on the entire state. And hey, guess what?

I'm working.

And guess what else?

We're having a New Years Eve party tonight! With 12 adults and 12 children.

Did I mention I'm working? (Note to self: Do NOT work on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve in 2009.)

My conundrum (great word!) was whether to drive or take the train this morning.

Taking the train would eliminate my stress about driving (although I would still have to drive myself home from the train station), but then I'm tied to the train schedule. What if they let me out of work at 12:30? I can't catch the next train until 2:40! Grrr... AND the train isn't exactly RELIABLE. It's the opposite. A flake of snow is pretty much a guaranteed "weather delay" on the schedule.

So just drive myself, right? Then I'm free to leave whenever I can.

Then the issue was whether to take the car or the SUV. I'm used to driving the car. I drive it everyday. But the SUV is much better in the snow, obvs. But I feel more comfortable in the car. I know how to handle it.

My darling loving Hubby's take on it was, "Well, if you get in an accident, I'd rather you crash the car, not the Yukon. So take the car."

That, right there, my friends, is TRUE LOVE.

(So I'm here at work. I drove the car and parked in the underground garage instead of my usual outdoor spot. The gas tank is filled. I have a shovel in the backseat. I'm wearing my Uggs. BRING IT ON, MOTHER NATURE.)

(Famous last words, right? Shit.)

(Happy New Year!)


ostep said...

Thank, god I'm not the only one who makes myself crazy about the snow driving. We've had 25 inches of snow in Chicago this month (it's going to be a long winter). Be safe and know that you've earned a drink or twelve by the time you get home.

Anonymous said...

I too am working and having a party on the same day how the hell does that happen. Luckily I don't have to deal with the snow. Hope you make it home safe and early!

justme said...

ok i am still agape about the fact that you are hosting a party after working a full day ????

Jenni said...

Happy New Year! I hope you got home safely and are having a fun party!

Elaine said...

Hope you made it home!! I HATE driving in winter weather!

Happy 2009!

azusmom said...

The winter before I moved to California ('94) we had 18 blizzards. I remember walking through the South End and coming upon a man holding a shovel and staring at a large snow drift. As I walked past, he turned to me and said "Does it look like there's a car under there somewhere?"
Yeah. I don't miss that.
Be safe, and have a Happy new Year!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I worked Christmas Eve & I'm working tonight, too. I'm already planning on taking these nights off next year!
Good luck with the weather, and Happy New Year!

Patois42 said...

Here's hoping you made it back without needing the shovel.

Shanna said...

Hope you made it home and had a great party!

Amanda said...

Hoping it went well!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Got any pull at Logan? My son flies back to MA on the 7th. He was delayed leaving on 12/22 for 6 hours. He would not like a rerun.

Every day down here he stands out on the sidewalk, looks up at the blue sky and says WOW before he strolls over to the pool with a book.

Happy New Year to your family


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