Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wii Need Your Help

My parents are buying our family a Wii for Christmas this year!

(Wii Fit, here I come...)

I know NOTHING about this. Nor have I played it yet. Although everything Hubby and I have heard has been rave reviews all around.

The boyz are ages 7, 4 and 3. What games should wii buy? What accessories do wii need?

(Will the Wii Fit magically make me lose 10 20 pounds?)

HELP! Wii need your tips, suggestions and advice.


Manic Mommy said...

My advice? I hope your parents already bought it. Santa's bringing it here as well but unless my luck changes, he'll fill the stockings with a big fat IOU.

But HRH LOVES the sports package at my sister's house. Bowling, golf, tennis...

Anonymous said...

I hate video games but I love our Wii. You're going to love it too.

If you can afford to get the Wii Fit board get that too. Even our 3 years old likes to do the running game on this one.

As far as accessories - you'll want more controllers (it only comes with 1) and you'll want at least 2. The best value is to get one bundled with the Wii Play games.

Honestly though straight out of the box with just Wii Sports my kids were perfectly happy. You don't HAVE to buy a lot extra, it's just lot of fun to have the other stuff.

Remember to make the kids wear the wrist straps from the get go!!! My friends 4 year old just threw the controller threw their new TV when he was bowling and smashed it all up.

Whirlwind said...

Good games are Wii Play and the Lego series (starwars/batman/indiana jones. We just got (Target has a sale THIS WEEK of Buy 2, get one free) Mario Kart (you'll need a wheel attachment), Pokemon and Wario World. I think I'm going back to get Husband Wii music, paper mario and super smash brawl. The Mario baseball is good too.

Don't expect the younger two to have an easy time. While my younger two (5 and 4) can play the Wii Sports (comes with the Wii) and the Wii play, other games are hard. I'm thinking of trying a Barbie or Littlest Pet shop game for them though.

Also, get a recharging station - it's a must. And yes, extra controllers!

Anonymous said...

Our first purchase was more controllers. It only comes w/ one. We bought 3 more so that everyone could play at the same time. As for games, they like Mario Party 8 (good for the smaller ones), Mario Kart (good for everyone), Wii Sports (that it comes with), Wii Play (it's ok and it comes with an extra Wiimote) and Lego Indiana Jones (much more fun and easier than Lego Star Wars). We have Summer Games (which is ok) Rayman Raving Rabbids (that the 8yo likes).

We've only needed one extra nunchuk, though.

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Definitely Mario Kart, if you can find it. Also, Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun, and I've heard Paper Mario is, too. My husband loves his Madden Football, and the two of us like to play Smarty Pants together.

Rini said...

Look into ActiveLife's Outdoor Challenge. I haven't saved enough pennies yet to give a first-hand review, but it is the most interesting thing I've found so far for children.

Rachel said...

Wii fit rocks! I love it. I'm 30 years old hula hooping and ski jumping in my living room. It rocks! Yes, you can lose weight and tone with it, but you have to actually use it :-) LOL.

The sports package is a blast. My nearly 5 yr old is kicking our butts at the bowling that comes with it. Get the Mario Kart and Smarty Pants, IMO they are super fun and great for all ages and lots of family fun!


Jenni said...

My favorite game is the sports game that comes with it! You'll want an extra controller and the charger is great! The Wii Fit is a big deal here, and my 7 year old loves loves LOVES the Lego Star Wars game!

Mags said...

I just found out today that my parents are getting us the Wii for Xmas as well. Mom told me to start ordering any games. I have no idea where to start...My kids are 5, 5 and 3. Your post is perfect for me...I'll be monitoring your comments for suggestions.

MommyLisa said...

Look everytime you go to Target or WalMart for controllers - THEY SELL OUT OF THOSE TOO.

Get one for each family member, seriously. And a different color sleeve for each. You also want the several of the "nunchuck" thingys. They help with boxing and other games.

We LOVE the sports, Guitar Hero and the Carnival games are fun! Your character gets stuff as you play.

My two year old, three in January, can play boxing and bowling. She loves it, for at least 10 minutes at a time.

I like Boogie. It is like Guitar hero, but Karaoke.

Shell in the City said...

I hope to get a Wii for Christmas as well. I've played the Sports games - bowling, tennis, boxing. It is a lot of fun!! Enjoy!!

Sullivans said...

Wii Ski is our favorite. We love it!


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