Friday, November 14, 2008

Who's Your Preference?

As I was sitting in the hairdresser chair this afternoon (I HAD to get my hair errr...done before our trip tomorrow because the grays? Were out.of.control), it struck me that my current hairstylist is the best one I've ever had...and he's a man! A straight one, at that. No really, I'm serious. I just can't believe it took me 20+ years to go to a guy stylist.

As far as doctors go though, I definitely prefer a female OB/gyn. I've never had a male OB/gyn, nor would I want one. Ewwwwww. Although if I'm wicked sick, I'm certainly not above seeing the male doctor in my primary care physician's practice to write me a good prescription (or two).

How about you? Male or female?
1. Hairdresser
2. Doctor

[Will be back next Thursday! Sooner, if I can manage to hijack a laptop in Cali.]


ETsmommy said...

1. Hairdresser -- female, best friend from high school

2. Doctor -- male, although a female PA that I often see more than I see him, but the OB they referred me to (and who delivered my son) is also male

3. Boss -- female, as am I, the assistant boss.

Ashley said...

1. Man or woman. As long as they don't cut my ears off and manage to leave me in relative peace so I can concentrate on whatever book I brought.

2. Man. Women docs make me self-concious. I have no clue why.

3. Man. Easier to manipulate and they all want to sleep with you so you've already got one up on them.

Natalie said...

Hairdresser- doesn't really matter. Although, I don't think I've ever had a man do my hair.

Doctor- Female! I've had male doctors & am much more pleased with my female one now.

Boss- either a woman with children or a man.

Anonymous said...

Hairdresser: I just found a male stylist from Italy that I LOVE!

Dr.: I actually prefer a man. Especially as an ob. I feel they're much more sympathetic to all the woes.

Boss: In the past I've had women that I couldn't stand. But, my current boss is a woman and I love her.

Unknown said...

All three are men, and my hairdresser is a straight man named Guy!

Jenni said...

Hairdresser- female

Doctor - male

Boss - male

Judy said...

Hairdresser...I'm not picky AT ALL. Have you seen my hair? As long as I still have some, I don't care who cuts it.

Doctor...well, I started with a male OB/GYN and switched to another male. Then we moved here and now I have a woman and I love her. I loved my other docs, too, though. No gender preference I guess. Now family practitioner is a woman and she's AWESOME. Much better than the GP man I had before.

Boss - egads. I work for a woman right now and we are a staff of women. It is great when we're all getting along, but right now, the waters are rough and it is NOT fun there. I miss having a man to steady out the emotions.

Manic Mommy said...

Hairdresser - my sister. But she did have a gay guy in her salon who gave the most incredible hair wash. It was practically sexual.

OB - Guy. Reminds me of Jim Henson and is the nicest man in the world.

Boss - Guy is far easier. I like being the only woman on a team. I get to be one of the guys.

Mags said...

Hairdresser - I just switched to a male stylist. So far, I'm pleased with the first visit.

Doctor - I started with a female OB/GYN...that ended badly. For 3 years, I lucked out being checked out by a neonatologist at the hospital. I'm now with a male gyn who's practicing with 2 women.

Boss - Wow, I've never really thought about it, but I've always worked for male supervisors. I did/do have female mentors though.

Anonymous said...

I had to flag this entry and come back to it, because I had to get my thoughts together first. Here's what it boils down to, for me:
Hairdresser, doctor, or boss, I simply do not care what sex the person is. My criterium for preference is whether the person is able to respect my input as valid.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

1. I used to go to a straight man years ago, and he was awesome, until I was very pregnant and nearly passed out at his salon. I just had spells sometimes when I was pregnant. It freaked him out pretty bad and I never went back. lol
2. My primary care is a man, and the ob/gyn who delivered all of my kids was also a man. Love them!
3. I've had both. Most of my male bosses were awesome, the females? More on the bitchy side!

Clare said...

hairdresser, i just found her (i am new to my town) she is cute and fun and always give me a great cut! but i used to have a guy cut my hair and he was awesome!

doc-i have a male, it does seem a bit weird, but he is wonderful, very calm and perfect fit for what we are going through

boss-myself, perfect lady, always kind, and very easy to work with:)

~Swankymama said...

Hairdresser - woman

Doctor - if it is an ob/gyn definitely a woman!

Boss - definitely a man. I worked for a woman once and it was hell on earth.

N2ATIVEONE said...

Hairdresser - I have always preferred men as hairdressers. They just seem to appreciate the way I look more. The women always seem pretty catty and don't want you to look good.

Doctor - A woman because she knows what it is like.

Boss - That's tough. Men are, well, different than women and sometimes that's an advantage but other times, it is not (ie., you can get away with stuff by batting your eyelashes, but other times, it's a boys club and they just don't understand). Women seem more hard-nosed because they are trying to prove a point.

Patois42 said...

Hairdresser: whoever is open at SuperCuts. (Yeah, really.)
Doctor: I've had both, and have no real preference.
Boss: I hate to say it, but every woman I've worked for has been a bitch. The three men I've worked for? Two out of three were bastards. So. A virtual tie.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Hairdresser - had both. Never had a gay man, though. Prefer a woman, honestly in that arena. Dont know why. Easier to talk to, I think,

Boss - had both, If it is going to be a woman, though, prefer one who is married or a mother. They understand when stuff comes up.

Doctor- had both. Prefer man because have had to switch doctors no less than 5 times due to a woman leaving the practice or on leave or moving for husband's job, etc.


Anonymous said...

Nobody commented on Hair-a-err....a-err

That was funny!

Karen said...

Hairdresser- I do not think I have ever had a man cut my hair. I have always gone to friends who don't charge me much and know how to cut my curly hair without making me look like a chia-pet. And I cut the boyfriend's hair.

Doctor- Either is fine with me really. I tried to see a woman recently but of course she only works with children.

Boss- Woman, I feel much more comfortable around a woman boss than a man. I am sure both genders might prefer a boss of the same gender because they are easier to understand.

Kaza said...

Hairdresser is a woman right now, but I've had both. I can't find a great one of either gender at a decent price these days.

Doctors: all of mine are male at the moment, which I don't like b/c I want my daughter to see women in these roles and not assume a doctor is a man.

Boss: current boss is a woman. I've had great bosses of both genders, and crappy bosses too. It's nice that my current boss understands the pressures of having small children while trying to launch a career.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

So, this is my very first time to your blog (clicked from Google's recommended list on Reader)... I'd have to say:

1. Either. (Currently female.)
2. Female. (Like you said, ew.)
3. Male. (Call me crazy.)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...I know that boss...I haven't stopped laughing, especially about your trip to Palm Springs...the stuff we didn't hear about in work!


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