Thursday, November 13, 2008

Those Last Minute Details

Hubby and I are headed to sunny and warm (90 degrees!) Palm Springs, California at the ass crack o'dawn on Saturday morn for Hubby's annual work conference.

(At which I won't see him from dusk until dawn while he's attending the conference golfing, and am only expected to show up on his arm in the evening for cocktails and dinner. Like a good trophy wife. Except I haven't had any work done on my tits or face. Unfortunately.)

So the boyz are staying with the in-laws Friday night, and my parents are arriving in town on Saturday from NY to take over the reins until mid-Wednesday. At which point my Sis will cover until we arrive home to the Trenches, LATE Wednesday night.

*deep breath*

I'm excited, for sure. But I think I'll be much more relaxed ONCE WE GET THERE. Because now? All the little details are crowding my mind and making me a bit (more) cuh-razy:

Drop-offs, pickups, snacks, lunches, naptimes, bedtimes, homework, book bags, lunchboxes, clothes, laundry, clean sheets, insurance cards, flight schedules, important phone numbers, groceries, meals, the daily routine...Gah!

But seriously? Does it really matter if Middle has the "wrong" snack? Will the world come to an end if the boyz don't take their fluoride pills?


(Nevermind the fact that Middle has had a nagging nighttime cough and Baby seems to have regressed in the whole COMPLETELY POTTY-TRAINED arena...)

(And how exactly does one pack for 90 degree days and 50 degree nights without making one's Hubby think she's even cuh-razier rather disorganized for wanting to bring eleventy pairs of shoes and 15(ish) different outfits for 4 days?)

Ok, I'll shut up now. Because I know you're thinking, "SHUT UP. I would KILL to get away, you lucky bee-yotch."

And I am. Lucky. I know.

(And also a bitch, sometimes. And also shutting up. Bye!)


Ashley said...

You are lucky!!! I would kill/die pretty much do anything illegal to get a vacay away from my 3 youngins. Have fun and don't worry too much while you're gone.

Anonymous said...

How bout a day trip to Arizona? We could meet up!

But, I think it's been a bit cooler lately. We're only barely reaching 70 these days, and I don't think it's that much hotter there. Definitely bring a light jacket.

But, I always overpack anyway.

Manic Mommy said...

It was the best of times; It was the worst of times.

Don't forget the permission to authorize emergency medical treatment.

Yes, I would kill for it. Especially with alone time by the pool with a book. Heaven!

Jennifer said...

Glad you got around to the "shut up" part, because seriously? Shut up.

Guess who's home alone with two kids while living in a retirement community 30 minutes from civilization while the husband is away on his own personal vacation???

amanda said...

is it sad that i am mostly just jealous of your eleventy pairs of shoes!! and the trip of course. but the shoes - so fun.

and yes the last minute details are the worst! but you are right the world will not end if the kids eat their fluoride pills for snack :)

ps - thanks for the 'drying' up tips!

The Crafty Insomniac said...

Say HI to my brother-in-law while you're out there! Just sniff around for the Gold's Gym and there he'll be. lol

Mags said...

It's hard to pack for a trip away from the kids. Making the schedules for the sitters is mind-boggling. Your family will manage. And you'll manage, too! Once you're "there", just enjoy your vacay.

Hf said...

have an awesome trip and don't even think about the kids (more than a couple times a day)


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