Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

Is there an item of food that you irrationally think you will run out of? So you buy it every time you go to the grocery store? Nevermind the fact that you haven't used any of it since the last time you bought some because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL NEED IT?! And you keep stocking up, stocking up...

Well, on Saturday, in between Baby's antics, I cleaned out our kitchen pantry. I didn't just rearrange things so that it looked AS IF I'd cleaned (like I normally do), I actually emptied out the entire damn thing.

Apparently, the items that I feel a compulsion to buy are:

Powdered sugar - 3 bags of the stuff! 2 were opened and half empty and one was a brand new bag. What the hell? I only can think of one recipe off the top of my head that I even use this for. (Note to self: Make double-batch of "puppy chow", stat! It's Crispix cereal, melted chocolate chips, peanut butter and powdered sugar. Mmmm...)

Balsamic vinegar - Yeah, there were no less than FIVE bottles of this in the pantry. Some large, some small, all different brands. And isn't this stuff kind of expensive? Pardon me while I run right out and buy this for myself. (Oh, I just found the answer to my question - apparently 75 year old balsamic vinegar is verrrrry expensive.)

So is it just me? Or do you also have some oddly warped sense that one can never have enough boxes of RITZ CRACKERS on hand?? (That'd be Hubby.) of a particular food item on hand?


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly believe that the Y chromosome is targeted by subliminal advertising by the evil Ritz Cracker Industrial Complex. It's the only reasonable explanation.

(Yeah, I know I just used a conspiracy theory as the only reasonable explanation. But it explains Rachael Ray, too, so don't discount me as a nutjob just yet.)

karen said...

Cheeze-Its Cheddar Jack CRACK-ers. They are so addictive that my husband went out at midnight to find some once and I was nowhere close to pregnant at the time.

Oh, and canned artichoke hearts. I needed some once and the store was OUT for WEEKS. Now, I buy a can every time I see them. I use them pretty often, so it's not a completely lame extravagance.

I don't have anything to offer with regard to all that 10x sugar...but you could try making chili with raisins and cinnamon, finished with balsamic vinegar - surprisingly good and not too spicy for kids. Let me know if you want the recipe!

Karen said...

I suppose it is time to make fudge, and salad dressing. But at least you can make fudge and give it away as a holiday present.

I tend to stock up on those boxes of pasta and then never use them. Or boxed dessert mixes that I never make. I also always grab tomato sauce and diced tomatoes even though when I get home I see I already have 10 cans.

Simply AnonyMom said...

I like spaghetti (especially how I make it hehe) but hubby does not like italian food (especially spaghetti). I think everytime I go to the store I buy at least one jar of sauce. I have 8 in my pantry right now. We eat it maybe once every 6 - 8 weeks.

Oh and we all got a nasty cold earlier this year, but we had no tissues. Well I now buy a box everytime I go shoppnig and we have like 20 or so boxes waiting for us to get sick.

And lastly, lets not forget the 100 or so cans of chicken broth. THey had a 20/$10 sale recently and i about wiped out the store. I now have so many cans I get a sour stomach even thinking about them

Melanie said...

I've got 4 or 5 things of salt... a freezer full of chocolate chips, and never enough milk and eggs.

Mrs. Fabulous said...

I think I have no less than 5 bags of brown sugar in my freezer.

...and I don't cook unless it's a holiday or special occasion!! :>)

Shanna said...

I have several half used bags of powdered sugar too, and brown sugar. I buy a fresh bag every time I need some for a recipe!

amanda said...

i have a soy sauce problem.

we don't even use it. but for some weird reason i have like six bottles of the stuff??

and thanks for the puppy chow tip - headed to the kitchen now thankyouverymuch :)

Maureen said...

When I cleaned out ours, we had three boxes of Frosted Flakes, two boxes of powdered sugar, and five boxes of tea bags. I drink tea, but it would take me a year to drink five boxes worth.

Missives From Suburbia said...

I keep buying yellow mustard, which I think I use three or four times a year. What is that about?

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Tomato products in a can - diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, sauce, paste... I have a serious problem.

Jenni said...

I can't help buying ice cream. We have 6 different kinds some times!

Oh and Edward is going to be at Hot Topic at the Square One Mall in Saugus!

Suburb Sierra said...

I'll take the powdered sugar. My kids are addicted to it on french toast and pancakes - both staple dinners in our house.

I have 6 bottles of Soy Vay Very Very Terryaki - cuz it was cheap at Trader's Joe, and about 1/3 of a bottle marinates a whole ton of chicken for only 2 meat-eaters in my house (hubby and me) so if I calculated correctly it will take about 27 years to finish it up.

And snack-size pringles - keep buying the 36 pack at BJ's!!


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