Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who Doesn't Love the Circus?

All my boyz picked me up at the airport from my Girls Weekend and guess where we headed?

The circus!

(Hubby asked me beforehand if I would be "up for it" after a long weekend away with the gals. I responded that unlike him on his mancations, I, in fact, would be rested and eager upon my return. Heh.)

So off we went.

(A very rested and eager-looking me and the boyz. And a random guy's crotch.)

We got there an hour early in time to go right down on the floor for the pre-show. This was the best part!
( Front-row! Aside: Middle loooooves hooded sweatshirts. And wears them constantly. With the hood up.)

The boys were awestruck.

And so was Hubby when he watched this performer doing her "thang" with hula hoops:

That's NOT a gargantuan slinky. It's about 50 hula hoops. She was mighty talented. And pretty average-looking, but I swear she got hotter the longer she performed. (Hubby readily concurred.)

So a good time was definitely had by all! Special thanks to Mom Central for this opportunity!


amanda said...

shut up!! 50 hula hoops?? that's crazy!!

Caffeine Court said...

We went to the circus on Saturday. I'll be taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for all the $12 cotton candies we consumed.

Michelle said...

Ok, I just REALLY had to laught at the random guys crotch comment! Freakin HILARIOUS! I don't even think I would have noticed!!!

Clare said...

the circus looks awesome! we are going to go in december, is it too much for a two year old?


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