Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Of Course

I'm leaving for Girls Weekend 2008 on Friday! 5 of my girlfriends and I are flying to Myrtle Beach, SC for the long weekend. And yes, it will be blogged about by both me and her!

But guess what?

Middle had croup on Saturday night that's now turning into a phleghmy and chesty cough. We were up with him Saturday night and again last night.

Of course.

Eldest got sent home from school yesterday with a fever of 103. He said his throat hurts, so Hubby is taking him to the doctor at 11:45 today to check for strep. *It's not strep, it's the dreadful coxsackie virus, AGAIN!*

Of course.

I am here at work. Of course. Taking a sick day on behalf of a sick child is frowned upon here, remember? My vacation days are spoken for through the rest of 2008. So I would have to lie and call in and say that I'M SICK. (Which, mind you, I'm certainly not above doing if it's for the good of my family.)

Thankfully today, though, our babysitter swore that she didn't mind being home with Eldest. Middle (who is showing no other symptoms besides a rotten cough that is way worse at night) and Baby both have preschool this morning.

Our car just failed inspection and we have 60 days to get it fixed.

Of course.

We bought Eldest an iPod Shuffle for his birthday and he was sooooo excited about it. When I tried to download songs on it, it didn't work.

Of course.

So now I am without a computer at home (No e-mail. No Facebook. The HORROR!) because Hubby's assistant's husband is going to get us more memory and a new hard drive. And make sure my recovered pictures are there. And fix the iPod issue. Bless that man.

I'm sooooo ready for Friday. To fly far, far away on a plane.

And then return to the Trenches refreshed, relaxed and re-energized. Eager to hug Hubby and the boyz. OF COURSE.


Manic Mommy said...

Remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on the children. You can't take care of the world from the psych ward.

And spewing other bits of 'go away with your girls' advice. It'll all be here when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Yicks that is a lot to be dealing with. Hope things start looking up! Have a great weekend.

Shanna said...

Sounds like your weekend away could not have come at a better time!! Enjoy, relax, push it all to the back of your mind.

OHmommy said...

What a great time to take a break from it all... sounds like a well needed girl's weekend! Have a blast.

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Good to know everyone's internal sensors are still working well and know just when to trigger a flare up.

Travel safely and enjoy! When I went away in August, my kids were healthy and happy and my husband was in a good mood; I almost didn't want to go, because they were enjoyable to be around. So glad you won't have that same reluctance...

~Swankymama said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls weekends. I live for them actually. One day we are all going to FLY somewhere instead of a road trip.

Have a wonderful time! It will all be here when you get back and you will be more than ready to take it on!

Dorene said...

Ugh. Sounds like you need a break.

Enjoy! I am jealous. I was giddy when I got to go food shopping alone this past weekend.

Jenni said...

You SOOOO need a fun weekend away!!

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Ok girl, you win! You get to open the first bottle of wine on Friday! (Notice I said FIRST.) Does it help that I have a PRESENT waiting for you to open on Friday night?

Can't wait!
MB :o)

MadMad said...

So I guess you won't be at Blogher. Oh well. Have a wonderful girls weekend!

Patois42 said...

And everything will all settle down before you leave. Of course!

Kylee said...

Hope your boys get better! I am SO jealous that you are leaving for a weekend to hang with friends! Have a good time!

Maureen said...

I think all of the cruddy stuff is there to make you really appreciate your weekend away and your eventual return home.

You are going to go home again... aren't you?



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