Friday, October 03, 2008

No Politics Here, Just Mommy Fluff

First of all, if you're here to read eloquent prose and wisdom regarding politics, umm.... look elsewhere. As you may have noticed, I don't talk politics on this here blog. Not that I'm uninformed or not opinionated. Quite the contrary.

Anyway, I did watch the debate last night. But it lulled me to sleep before 10. I wonder why one of Palin's advisors hasn't said something to her about her NON USE of an "-ing" at the end of a verb. "Doin', goin', spendin', wantin'..." She was making me cringe!

Moving on.

I have always loved after-bath time with the boyz. When they are freshly clean and in their nice cozy pj's with damp hair and wrinkly little fingers. Ready for snuggles, books and quiet time before bed. This is always our "wind-down" time in the Trenches. No running around, no fighting, and no throwing balls in the house (a la Carol Brady - remember that episode where the basketball crashes into the vase?) are my post-bath rules.

But now that I'm working full-time again? I am loving the precious moments I get to spend with the boyz in the early morning hours.

They tumble and totter down the stairs, wiping the sleep from their eyes, blankets in hand. I sit, all dressed up in my work clothes, with my arms around them, a stark contrast to their rumpled pajamas and sticky-up hair. I soak in their childlike scents and unique characteristics.

Eldest's slightly sour morning breath as he continuously tries to wiggle that third tooth loose, his eyes focused only on SportsCenter and the ticker running at the bottom of the screen, absorbing the scores and stats.

Middle's still-sleepy chocolate brown eyes with his thumb entrenched firmly between his small pout.

Baby's little mole right underneath the tip of his nose. His snaggle teeth. The lingering smell of strawberry-scented shampoo from the night before.

If one were to peer in on the 4 of us in the sunroom, it would appear as though I am comforting them, pulling them close to me.

But really?

It is they who comfort and strengthen me on these brisk weekday mornings before the sunrise.

Thank you to Mrs. Schmitty for awarding me a September ROFL for this post!


Staci said...

so sweet! those are the moments to cherish and take with us always...

Patois42 said...

Awwww! I really find I get way more comfort than I give nowadays.

Jenni said...

I feel the same way about those before work snuggles!

Rachel said...

I adore the after bath time. I still want to use the lavender wash on my 4 year old just so she won't smell like a 'big kid' yet ;-)

Chaotic Joy said...

This was beautiful. Boys don't smell nearly as sweet when they are 16. Happy Birthday to your eldest.


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