Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Future Rock Star

I had forgotten all about this video that I had taken of Middle until yesterday, when he and I were playing around on the computer.

While we were watching, I asked him, "So who sings this one?" to which he promptly replied, "Uh, 3 Doors Down, Mom." Like, duh, Mother.

So here's my 4 year old rockin' the mike:


Shanna said...

Wow, he is on his way!

amanda said...


and is that really your back yard?? love it!!

Chaotic Joy said...

Little boys are so great. This was adorable. I think your 4 year old and my 4 year old could be great pals!

Anonymous said...


they kill me :)

azusmom said...

Go Middle! Go Middle!
How cute is he?!?!?!

hqm said...

Does he take request?

Jenni said...

How CUTE is he? Get him in line for American Idol!


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