Wednesday, October 01, 2008

3-A-Day Event

Last week, I attended a "Breakfast for Dinner" event sponsored by 3-A-Day and their Nourish Your Morning campaign. The lovely Erin (Ladybug's Picnic) and Jackie (Fitarella) were the hosts for this gathering.

The New England Dairy and Food Council representatives were lovely gals who led an informative Q&A session, along with a cooking demo featuring this Breakfast Quesadilla and Apple Yogurt Smoothie:

And there were gift bags! And giveaways! And a yummy spread of breakfast foods for dinner (mmmmm....bacon, omelets, sausage, fruit, blintzes!) And a wine milk bar!

Erin's house? Is FABULOUS! And her kitchen? TO DIE FOR. Just ask Tania (Chicky Chicky Baby). She and I were collectively drooling (even more than baby Cee Cee!) over the butler's pantry and built-in veggie steamer and coffee maker.

Erin shows us her wares whilst Tania genuflects before them.

Baby? What Baby? Come to Mommy, you hot dripping lover.

The Gang

And the giveaways? Guess who won a cappuccino maker AND THEN the grand prize? Yeah, that'd be me!

Thanks for a great night!


Paula Reece said...

What?! How'd you get invited to this AWESOME event? Did you know that I LOVE dairy products? I know I'm like hundreds (thousands) of miles away, but, still, you know, you could've ASKED if I wanted to hope on the next plane and go with you...I'm just saying...And you won a cappuccino machine! AND the grand prize? How lucky are YOU? I'm hoping that the grand prize was a week at home ALONE where all you have to do is catch up on your favorite blogs (and maybe a book or two) and drink cappuccino!

Shasta said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I would get invited to an event like that, and wow, congrats on your amazing luck! That's awesome!

amanda said...

omg honey!! how fun and yummy :)

and you the big winner!! how cool are you?? maybe you should host the next one at your house...

can i come??

Clare said...

how exciting that you were the big winner!!! I love the party, it looks like it was a lot of fun:)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

The thought of Erin's built-in coffee maker still makes me tear up.

Greens and Pinks said...

I love that you won BOTH PRIZES! Can't wait to get together again hopefully soon!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

You might not know this, but where can I get one of those 3-A-Day glasses?

I am a HUGE dairy lover-my favorite food is cheese! And I used to love the All-You-Can-Drink-For-A-Quarter milk booth at the state fair when I was a kid in MN.

Congrats on coming away with some great prizes!


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