Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thinking Happy Thoughts...

Still in limbo. No word on the photo recovery front yet. Hubby knows someone who should hopefully be able to come to the Trenches SOON to SAVE us (I'm picturing him galloping to our door on a white steed.) Until then, I'm taking deep breaths, drinking heavily and trying to think about rainbows and unicorns beaches and fruity drinks. Thank you all for your support and wisdom. It means a lot.

(a happier girl recommended that I try recuva. When I told Hubby last night about this and eagerly asked him if I should perhaps give it a shot, he told me to keep my damn hands off the computer just wait patiently for our IT guy whom he's SURE can take care of the problem.)

So, in trying to not dwell on the possibility that I may have accidentally deleted 2 years of my family life in photos and videos (*sob* *deep cleansing breath*), please allow me to distract myself with some Happy:

1. Eldest scored his very first touchdown on Sunday! It was the last play of the game, and the score was tied. (Not that anyone's keeping score, that is. *ahem*) Here's some photos of the game winner: (Not taken by me because all my photos are gone, remember? *sob* *deep cleansing breath*)

2. I'm very much looking forward to meeting this lovely New England Mama at a bloggy gathering tonight! And hopefully catching up with her as well. Photos (*sob* *deep cleansing breath*) to come.
3. It's almost time for Girls Weekend 2008! This was last year's event. We're doing it up big this year (like we did in '06. Hey, remember those tee shirts shops on the boardwalk in the 80's? Every year when we took our family vacay to Ocean City, MD, my parents would take us to one of those souvenir shops where you could pick out your very own decal from high above on the wall and they would IRON IT ON RIGHT THERE FOR YOU. Ocean City '85, man!). So anyway, there are 6 of us flying to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend of laughs, sun, shopping and liquid refreshments...devoid of whining, chicken nuggets and housework. 17 more days...
4. And THEN, in November, I'm flying with Hubby to his annual conference. I go every other year and have had immensely good luck with the conference locales. The years I didn't go? Nashville and Jacksonville. Bleh. The years I have attended? San Diego and Key Largo. And then this year? Palm Springs, baby!
5. Lastly, Dancing With the Stars makes me happy. I sat, ass glued firmly in place, on the couch for 2 hours (well, not really - the wonder of DVR, folks) watching the spectacle that is fake tanner and cheesy rehearsed dialog. I'm predicting right now that Brooke Burns (4 kids?! I heard this morning that she used to be married to a plastic surgeon...it all makes sense now...) and Lance Bass will be the final two. Hands down.
And is it just me, or did Cheryl Burke look a bit....ummm....puffy last night? Don'tgetmewrong, I would kill for her body, her always slightly tousled fabulous hair, her mad dancing skillz. She just looked a bit heavier and thicker at the start of this season's TIME-SUCKING 3 night premiere.

So there's all that. Keeping me going until mah preshus photoz r saved.


~Swankymama said...

I just adore

1. Watching my son play football


2. Girl weekends! I hope you have a blast!

amanda said...

oh he looks so happy and proud!!

and totally jealous of the bloggy get together - have fun!

cbasoli said...

Congratulate Eldest for me. Let him know it took me until freshman year to get in the end zone.

...still waiting for an op-ed piece from hubby!

'Soli out.

hqm said...

Your pictures are still in there somewhere...a few years back my husband was "cleaning up" my laptop and lost EVERYTHING!!!!
The pictures are still in there. Whe I search I see them flying by...I just don't know how to catch them, but, I know they are there!!!!!
Good Luck!

Jenni said...

You have some awesome plans!

I wish you the best of luck getting your pictures back! That happened to us once and we were able to get everything back!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cheryl is a total hottie, but, she is looking 'thicker". GTFO - what hair products does she use to have her hair looking so great after she dances? I must know what she uses.

Unknown said...

I so need a girls night out! It feel like it has been a year when, really, it was just last week. But there was no wine, chocolate or gossip so I don't think it counts!

My hubby is a computer geek and he says that it should be recoverable. So breathe, drink, then breathe again.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

The football pics are soo kewl. I can't wait for Angry Toddler to play sports.

WOW! Palm Springs is great. You will love it. You will be soo close to me, well about 2 hours away. There's a bunch of outlets there too, even a Coach one.

I hope you can get your photos back. Have you tried the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Angry Husband works for them, out of a division, and they recovered our hard drive once.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Oh wow, that "iron on decals to the front of souvenir t-shirt" comment totally brought back memories of trips with my family when I was younger!

And hey, you've been to my hometown of San Diego! What did you think? Did you have fun?


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