Friday, September 05, 2008

Note to Self

Reasons not to exercise when (my children, especially) are in the same room:

"Mommy, whatcha doin' now?"

"Mommy, are you layin' down?"

"Mommy, why you kicking you legs?"

"Mommy, what's next?"

"Mommy, I do dat too?"

"Mommy, watch me!"

"Mom, lookit!"


Finally I snapped: BOYZ! MOMMY. CAN'T. (gasp) TALK. (Mommy can barely breathe.)

And then Baby cried because I wouldn't let him touch my 5 pound dumbbells. (Hello? If that isn't a broken toe just waiting to happen, then I don't know what is.)

20 minutes. All eyes on Mommy. I made it though. Day 2 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred. Hold me.

And some randomness:

Tonight, as I was washing dishes (I'm serious!), Eldest piped up to me out of the blue: I realllllly wish you had named me Andrew. I sooooo want a "W" in my name."

"Or Xavier. Because X's are cool too."


Rachel said...

An X or a W, that's too cute.

I am dyin' to try 'The Shred'.
I've heard it so highly spoken of!
Can't wait to hear how it works for you.

Anonymous said...

congrats for making it through the DVD!

my little ones do the same thing. They want to jump and crawl all over me when I'm on the floor and pick up my weights or do yoga on my mat.

Very cute, but the timing sucks!

hqm said...

W and X are cool...I have a Q as my middle and I LOVE IT!

SO what did you think about Jillian's workout...should I give it a try?

jnifferjuniper said...

My eldest's name = Andrew Xavier ..
I am not kidding .

I bought that Jillian DVD 3 weeks ago...still haven't cracked it open....

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh... we are naming #2 Owen. I'm glad the "w" makes it cool! I had a grown up comment that it was a "weenie" name. NICE. I would love to take some of your old boy clothes off your hands - thanks for the offer. :-) Let me know how much you have an what you think postage would be. My work now has programs that block our personal emails and whatnot, so I'm a little slower these days, but my email is anne[dot]pumproom[at]gmail[dot]com

Elaine said...

Ah! I'm doing the 30 day shred as well! My words after day 1: WHAT THE F*** IS LEVEL THREE?!?!!!!

That woman scares me a little!

I had a similar experience with being interrupted, only with my dogs!! Plus I look ridiculous because I don't have weights so I use cans!

Good luck sista!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

How totally interesting that he wants a specific letter in his name. I love it!

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh.. I went through the same "exercise questions" with my kids when they were as young as yours (they now range from 16 to 9). Now they like to imitate me..... then later (when I can breathe again) tell me how proud they are that I'm "trying"... Nice. LOL


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