Friday, September 12, 2008

A Great Idea

My work friend and I ventured out during lunchtime today to the shops at Faneuil Hall. It was crowded, granted, but not as bad as it usually is during summertime.

We hit the basics: Ann Taylor Loft, Banana and Gap. My friend was buying a pair of pants at Gap. Instead of waiting in line with her, I wandered over to Gap Body. And waited. And waited. Wondering who in the hell in their right mind would spend over $50 at Gap Body on fricking pajamas...(please tell me you don't spend that much, do you???)

This friend of mine? Is notorious for her "bad line luck." You know, the person who ALWAYS gets stuck in a long matter what. The person ahead of her, naturally, wanted to open a new Gap account.

My idea:

Much like grocery stores, how about express lines in clothing stores??? Only these express lines would be specifically for people who are shopping on their lunch break.

And it wouldn't have to just be clothing stores. What about Target? What about the pharmacy? Anywhere people run errands on their lunch breaks! Easy in, easy out! No hassle, no fuss, NO WAITING.

Who's with me?

And psssst....Don't forget about my contest! Oh! And lookie - over on the right hand side? Couldja throw me a vote? I think you have to sign up to vote, but it really only takes a sec. Pinky swear.


Judy said...

Great idea in theory, only here, people apparently think they ALWAYS belong in the express only? Not for them! 10 items or less? Applies to everyone ELSE!

Gah, they drive me nuts here.

Jenni said...

I love that idea. I hate when I hear the cashier ask the person in front of me if they want to save 10%...

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this. Just the other week I was at the verizon store on my lunch break and 45 minutes into my wait was pretty convinced taht I was going to kill someone. Let's design a petition...

~Swankymama said...

I could never shop on my lunch break...not so much because of the absence of an express lane...but..well...let's just say I can't shop fast to save my life!! Happy Friday :o)

Anonymous said...

I most definately have bad line luck! My husband & I also have bad restaurant luck. I always get in the wrong line and I always sit at the wrong table.


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