Monday, September 01, 2008

Football and Fido

Lately Baby has been obsessed with Eldest's football gear. He likes putting on the pads, practice jersey and helmet and strutting around. He's a mini-Eldest, really.

Middle? Notsomuch. NO interest whatsoever in football. Which, don't get me wrong here at all, IS FINE.

Sunday morning we were all home in the Trenches. Baby, as usual, was all suited up in his big brother's football apparel. Hubby was tossing a football to him, as Eldest was offering brotherly advice.

Middle, on this particular morning, was pretending to be a dog. (He usually wants to play either baby or dog. For hours.)

During a random break in the football action going on in the living room, Hubby looked over at me in the kitchen (shocking, I in the kitchen) as I was pretending to "pet" Middle and said,

"So what is this? I have two football players and a dog??"

Yup. It appears that way.


Maureen said...

This made me laugh out loud. Great!

Shasta said...

That's funny! lol He's an adorable little dog!

hqm said...

The middle one always swims up stream!

adymommy said...

Ii am impressed that Eldest shares his gear with Baby. THAT would never happen in my house.

Too cute!

Michelle said...

lol that is hilarious!!

Jenni said...

My sister always wanted to be a cat when we were little! A white fluffy one to be exact! And she turned out just fine...mostly. :-D

Elaine said...

haha!! my cousin used to play doggy all the time and we thought he was SO WEIRD! No offense, really, my cousin turned out ok. He even found a girl to marry him! :)


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