Thursday, September 04, 2008

The College Tee

The other night at Eldest's football practice, one of the mothers whom I'm not that familiar with approached me and said, "I noticed your tee shirt*. Did you graduate from William Smith?"

Me: "Yes, I did!"

Her: "Me too!"

Me: (Thinking that she didn't look familiar at all) "What year?"

Her: "1995"

Me: "Me too!"

Yeah. This is not the first, but the second season that our sons have played football together. I kinda recognized her maiden name when she told me, but she still had no clue who I was. (Should I have been offended? You don't know moi???) We definitely traveled in different circles though. But anyways, small world.

*You know how you have a favorite shirt? And you wear it for years and years because it fits perfectly, hangs perfectly and is just so damn comfy? And then it gets really worn and threadbare and almost see-through, which somehow makes it even more comfortable?

Yeah, this would be mine. 13 years and still going strong:

This is the end result when you allow your 3 year old to take a picture of you.

And speaking of college, I'm totally addicted to Facebook now, by the way. Like I need another time-suck in my life.


Jenni said...

I have a couple t-shirts like that! I will never throw them away...even if they get (more) holes...

Maureen said...

The Washington Post did a story about Facebook today. You're not the only one addicted to it. Apparently, if you love it too much, they kick you off! :)

I haven't done it, but it's definitely something everyone is discussing.

Sarah said...

Ok - LONG time lurker, but I had to come out and comment - I graduated from HWS in 2000!

Isn't it crazy how people connect?


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I have one of those shirts, a sorority one...LOVE it...

YES, my addiction to Facebook is Out of Control.

I keep finding peeps from high school. I love to see how people changed.

Glam Mommy said...

I also just graduated from HWS '04 :) My sister is '86... Just started a blog to get back into writing, i'll be reading yours religiously now!

Tshirt I'm wearing right now says:

Not Hobart.
Not Williams.
Not Smith.
Not William & Mary
but...William Smith.


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