Monday, August 18, 2008

Part I of Your Questions Answered

So here goes:

Feener asked: "Where did you grow up and how did you wind up in Massachusetts?"

Most people refer to anything that's not New York City as "upstate", but it's not really accurate. I was raised in a rural area in the southwest part of New York state, bordering on Pennsylvania. Amish country. Farm country. Hunting mecca. We had one blinking yellow traffic light in the middle of our small village and NO MCDONALDS. Everyone knew EVERYONE. And we never locked our doors at night. It was pretty idyllic.

Hubby and I met in fall 1997 when we were both living in Charlotte, NC. Less than a year after we started dating, Hubby got transferred with his job to Charleston, SC. So after we were married in April 1999, I moved down there and I HATED it. (Wayyyy too deep south for this northern gal.) We decided to move to Massachusetts in the fall of 1999 to be closer to both our families. We now live in Hubby's hometown.

Manic Mommy asked: Did you continue to work when you had kids, then stop and now start again?

Nope. Aside from the requisite maternity leaves, I've always worked. I worked full-time in Boston before Eldest was born, and then switched to part-time. I had been doing part-time for the past 6 years (which was the PERFECT home-work balance) until I accepted a full-time job offer this past year. So I've honestly never been a SAHM.

Speaking of the jobby-job, Lori at Fairytales & Margaritas asked: What do you love about your job/what do you hate (besides the commute)?

To be honest, I'm working full-time purely for the money. I admit it. So that's what I love--the money. My salary is great. I'm making this sacrifice now (being away from my boyz 12 hours a day) so that our family will benefit in the future---meaning, I certainly don't plan on doing this forever. And I also love being in Boston. It's a great city.

Elaine, the silly girl, asked: Are you going to try for a girl? Or are you finished?

Oh Elaine. Surely you jest. We are done. D - U - N . Hubby had what I like to call the old "snip-snip procedure" shortly after Baby's surprise appearance. I do sometimes wistfully wonder what our family would be like with a little girl though...

And we'll end this Part I with a bang:

Afro asked: If you had to pick one moment in your life that has defined who you are today, what would it be and why?

You're making my brain hurt on this early Monday morning, Afro! I rarely get all deep and introspective on this here blog, but here goes:

After meeting Hubby for the very first time, and then randomly bumping into him a month later in a bar, I casually mentioned to my friend Christy, "I think he's my type." And she laughed disbelievingly, but being the good friend that she was (and still is), told me that she would mention to him that I was interested.

And the rest is history.

Everything happens for a reason.

More of your questions answered soon, along with an announcement of the winner of the book!

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Unknown said...

Sorry, I didn't get a question in....I've been buried in princess tea party crap. Thanks for sharing! I learned some new stuff today!! :)


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