Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In An Instant

Last night after work, I scurried home, relieved our young next-door neighbor babysitter, and collected Middle and Baby so that we could catch the last hour of Eldest's football practice.

I multi-tasked: While pushing them to practice in the double jog stroller (exercise!), Middle ate a cream cheese bagel and I ate a banana (supper!). Once I was finished with the banana, I ran (more exercise!). Lest you think I'm superwoman for running and pushing the double jog stroller with 60+ pounds of boys, lemme tell you this: The route? To football practice? Is all downhill.

(So not the point of this story.)

Oh, did I forget to mention that Eldest is indeed playing football again? Pop Warner. Tiny Mites division (same as last season). Hubby is also coaching this year. Because we're not busy enough, you know.

(That's not my point either.)

All the Pop Warner teams practice separately, of course, but in one big area.

Last night, there was a commotion at one of the other practices. The older boys. Someone was hurt. Two of the coaches from Eldest's team rushed over, as one of them is an EMT and the other is a firefighter. An ambulance was called. Word of the injury spread like wildfire. The boy couldn't feel his legs.

Practice was ended for all the teams, as we parents anxiously watched from afar.

Then we were instructed to clear the area. The Med Flight helicopter had been summoned and was going to land on the field.

A firetruck arrived, red lights flashing in the dusk. Police cars, sirens muted, lined up.

Meanwhile, Hubby and I were herding our boyz to the car amid the chaos.

A million questions ensued. It was hard to describe for them in an age-appropriate manner what was happening without scaring the shit out of them, but we did the best we could, explaining that an older player had been hurt during practice, and that they were quickly flying him to Boston to make sure that he was okay.

All this time, I was practically on the verge of tears. As a parent, I can't imagine any feeling worse than knowing your child is injured, not matter what the injury. (Hubby kept attempting to reassure me that they were probably just taking precautionary measures by Med Flighting him to Boston. Whatever. It was terrifying.)

Huddled safe in our car, at the boyz' suggestion, Hubby prayed out loud for the care and well-being of the injured boy, his parents, and the doctors who would be caring for him.

The helicopter roared overhead. Circling around in preparation for landing.

We watched it descend and then headed home to our Trenches. Safe, healthy, and very aware of how things can change in an instant.

Hubby just received an e-mail from the President of the Pop Warner League that summarized:
"As you are all well aware we had a injury occur at the field last night. I am happy to report the player is doing just fine. He is up and walking around."

What a tremendous relief for everyone.


amanda said...

oh my heart dropped reading this.

praying that the boy gets good news..

and happy to hear that you are all home safe in the trenches.

karen said...

Our kids (and I) play hockey - a sport like football where injuries are only worth attention if there's more blood than you can shake off. Last year, the NHL provided a horrible example of just what can happen when Richard Zednik's neck was slashed during a Sabres game. I wondered, as we watched, if the kids would make the correlation to what could happen on their own ice time. I don't know if they could put it into words but, since then, they each make sure to say, "I love you, Mama," before getting on the ice - every time.

I hope that football player will be ok. I hope his mother knows he loves her. I hope your boys will play again. I hope.

Jenni said...

Oh my scary! I hope the boy is okay. I can't even imagine...

Mayberry said...

I teared up when I got to the part about the prayers in the car. I hope the boy is OK (and your boyz weren't too frightened).

T with Honey said...

We all know the risk of letting our kids play sports and live life but to have to witness it happen to another child and explain it to your own boys... not something you ever want to do.

Is anyone reconsidering football?

Elaine said...

Oh my gosh that's horrible. Did you ever find out if the boy is alright?

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine. I hope he's ok.

azusmom said...

Thank goodness he's OK! It's true; things happen in an instant.

I'm glad this one turned out well.

Michelle said...

Wow. Scary. I am glad everything was fine. This is what scares me the most about boys and sports! But on the other hand sports teach a lot of good things it ever easy to make decisions as a parent?

Manic Mommy said...

Thank God. This one hits close to home. Since you're local, you may remember this story from last fall:

Anonymous said...

I was a bit afraid that you were going to say it was your son! I'm glad the boy is doing well & up & walking around!

Unknown said...

As a high school kid I had to have a vehicle carry me off the soccer field after tearing my ACL (highly too dramatic for the injury, but it happened nonetheless). Obviously, I was in a lot of pain but I knew that I would be fine. However, as a parent now, I can't even imagine the fear and worry my parents must have had going through that experience. I really think situations like these can be tougher (mentally) on parents than on kids. And I think you and your family praying in that situation was by far the best thing you could do. Thank goodness that player is doing fine now.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

So. Freaking. Scary.

Very glad you posted an update. *huge sigh*

Life As I Know It said...

Oh. Very Scary.
Glad he is ok, but scary nonetheless.

AFRo said...

This made me cry.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Ugh, how scary. So glad he's ok.

J said...

Wow, I am so relieved he is okay. Stuff like that is so scary!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh my heart was in my throat until I got to the update. I am so glad he is OK.


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