Monday, August 04, 2008

Hello Again

Crispy, sandy and tired, I'm back!

First of all, a huDge thank you to the gracious gals who Trench-sat for me while I was gone. They wrote some great posts, didn't they??

Second, the winner of my book givaway can be found here.

Third (or is it thirdly?), while I was away, I was awarded Imperfect Blogger of the Week. Quite the honor, I must say.

Oh, did I mention that I am child-free this week? Lemme say it again. CHILD-FREE. NO KIDS. ME. ALL WEEK.

We left the boyz at the beach.

With my parents, that is.

They are renting a place for the next 2 weeks. My Sis, Niece and Nephew are also there. (It was my Mom's dream to have all 5 of her grandchildren stay at the beach. Who am I to stand in the way of her fantasy?)

Hubby and I are working all this week and will head back to the Cape this weekend to be reunited with our precious offspring. Heh.

All joking aside, it was actually pretty hard to leave them. Eldest sobbed. Middle wailed. Baby said a nonchalant "bye" and went back to begging my Sis for gum. Thankfully my Niece distracted Middle with her collection of Beanie Babies. And then my Dad started teaching Eldest how to juggle, so we were able to drive away without (too much) drama. But it was tough.

So this week will be one of working, de-toxing (8 straight nights of cocktails takes its toll), dieting (up 3 pounds from said cocktails) and running.

And missing my boyz.

But wait! Yes, there will be some vacation stories for you. (Pictures? Notsomuch. Remember my broken camera? Stupidly, I still used it even though the screen is cracked/it randomly shuts off/the zoom is broken. Yesterday as I was capturing some last-minute beach memories, it went completely bonkers and deleted ALL 80 of my hard-earned vacation pictures. I am devastated. And am hoping that somehow I can still retrieve them from the memory card. Ignorance is bliss.)

And there was An Incident At The Beach. You know me, there's always a story.

So more to come!


Jenni said...

Welcome home! And child free! Woo Hoo! I am jealous!

Looking forward to the "Incident at the Beach" blog...

amanda said...

yeah!! you are home :)

you were missed friend...although your subs were wonderful!!

can't wait for beachy stories!!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Congrats on the Imperfect Blogger award! And, after years of cleaning up puke, I can vouch for the sanity-saving attributes of a "vomit in place" policy.

carrie said...

Welcome home.

I would give anything to leave my kids at a beach . . . without me.

Major Bedhead said...

Oh, leaving the kids at the beach sounds like heaven!

MadMad said...

Welcome home - I am so envious of your week off... Ah... laundry in peace. It's the little things, you know?

Manic Mommy said...

Wow! A week to yourselves and you're detoxing? Hmmm.

At least go see a movie on a weeknight and eat cereal for dinner at least once.


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