Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Halp! *Updated* (Again)

*9:50 pm. I'm getting my arse kicked! VOTE! (puh-leeze)*

*Ok, bring it on, you little
BlabberMouthMouse! She's now ahead of me--get to clicking, people! (I'm hardly competitive. Neither is she.)*

Shhhh....c'mere. A little closer. As my boyz like to say, I gotta ask ya sumpin'.

Could you maybe, possibly, TOTALLY click here and vote for me?

(Yeah, over there on the right hand side, for Imperfect Parent Blogger of the Month. It's for this post, by the way.)

(You can even do it once a day, if you love me you're so inclined.)

(Smooches. With tongue.)


amanda said...

totally voted.

yay for you!!

Jenni said...

Done! You're in the lead!

A Christian Mom said...

Wow, you've got them beat by a long shot! ;o) Good luck!

Major Bedhead said...

I voted. Good luck.


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