Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do You Kinoki?

I thought I had never seen anything more disgusting than the Ped Egg.

Foot-related, that is. Remember, I have 3 boyz. There is LOTS O' DISGUSTING in the Trenches.

I was wrong.

When my Mom and I were randomly shopping this summer at Linens 'n Things, I saw this in the checkout line. But I didn't dwell on it, merely thinking to myself, "Oh it's just one of those wacky As Seen On TV items." It did kinda make me PIMMAL though (puke in my mouth a little).

THEN, this past weekend, when I was clipping coupons...(Shut up. Yes, I clip them. Not that they necessarily get used. Just cut out of the Sunday flier and thrown on top of the microwave. Cause I'm organized like that.)

[By the way, how do you pronounce it? COO-PONS or CUE-PONS? Hubby and I both say it with "coo".]

...I saw this. And then REALLY gagged.

Is this a sign from the universe that I need to de-tox my frickin' feet???? Do you SEE the AFTER picture??? (*involuntary body shiver*)

Do you think it smells? (Just made myself gag with that one.)

But wait! There's more.

So I'm sitting there on the floor in the sunroom, clipping coupons, trying to get the visual of BLACK FOOT GOO out of my head, when I turn the page of the ads and see...

A $2.00 off COUPON for Kinoki Cleansing Detox Food Pads.

(*choking down the nausea to shuffle off on my apparently IMPURE FEET*)

[So, does anyone want the valuable coupon? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? You get it only on the condition you buy the product, use it and give me a full report. I promise I won't ask you to smell the "after" part.]


Elaine said...

Actually recent studies have shown proof that these are a bunch of crap. It actually turns black as a result of moisture. Nothing is really coming out of your foot.

Heard it on NPR.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Isn't that the most vulgar invention?!

Jenni said...

I have not seen this particular item. Yick!

I say Cue-Pon because that is how my mom says it. coo-pon is probably right!

Paula Reece said...

Yes, I'm sure it smells. BAD.

I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight now...Oh well, I have a lot I need to do anyway...:)

BTW, I pronounce it "cue-pon," but I've also got one of those Midwestern drawls...

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Coo-pons here on the scale. That was groas. However, I think I need to buy them for hubby!
MB :o)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I saw that on TV. Not just no but HELL NO!
I have a major foot aversion anyway, that certainly doesn't help matters!

Whirlwind said...

Is that the one that is supposed to pull the metals out of your body through your feet?

Notice they don't show before/after of just the feet?

Anonymous said...

chilly willies. Gross!

Karen said...

Thank you Elaine for letting us know that the funky black stuff does not actually come out of our feet. I was getting really grossed out and wondering how that could come out of our feet. I mean when you think about your feet the skin there is pretty tough and not so porous so I couldn’t fathom how that much ickyness could be stored in our feet. It is still really unsettling that the pad turns all black though.

Anonymous said...

So, here's the deal:

The ped egg really works. And works well.

I use TONS of "Q-pons" every week. (I actually buy 4 Sunday papers!) I save close to $120 every week just with coupons!

And that Kinoki thing is disgusting. And actually it turns black when it comes in contact w/ air, has nothing to do with your feet. They tested it on our news station.

So, there you have it!

Anonymous said... I didn't know what the Ped Egg was I looked it up on overseas now) YUCK!It was under the kitchen/dining tab! I WAS going to eat dinner. I'm good now.

We wish we could get coo-pons here. Thanks for keeping us rolling. Bye for now, Heather

Ali said...

The ped egg is disgustingly fabulous! The Kinoki? I have no words.

P.S. It's "Q-pons." :)

Binky said...

This reminds me that I really need a PedEgg. And to answer your question, I say coo-pon. What I don't get is why my mother now pronounces it cue-pon when I swear she's been pronouncing it the other way all through my growing-up years. Is this some kind of post-midlife crisis she's having? Does she feel the need to change up pronunciation for the thrill of it? It really bothers me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't discount the Ped Egg, Sarah! Check this out......

youarekiddingme said...

I hate feet and I say coo-pon. But I also say "ar-ange" for orange. I live in Jersey, that's my excuse.

Shell in the City said...

Ixnay on the foot pads - truly nasty. I've always said coo-pons. Since I grew up in PA, I think it is more northern to say coo-pon and southern to say que-pon.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my post about Our BlubHer Overhaul. I couldn't find your email address anywhere. Could you email me at aschmittylife(at)aol(dot)com. I'd like to give you some more info!


KaraktinsinFl said...

First time commenter here!...EVER!!Have never seen this product before BUT... says "Jump Starts Metabolism"...Isnt that worth a try!?!?
Love your blog!

Scary Mommy said...

I have been so grossed out/intrigued by that revolting product. Figured it was a hoax- that's interesting about the news expose!

And I second (or forth?) the PedEgg review. Love mine!


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