Sunday, August 10, 2008

C is for Cookie

Anybody want some coxsackie chocolate chip cookies? Come and get 'em while they're contagious hot!
(A call from the Cape just informed me that my Nephew now has it and is running a 102 degree fever. I'm like a deer caught in headlights here, waiting to inevitably get sideswiped, errr...make that crushed, with more of it in the form of Middle and Baby becoming ill. My mom casually informed me that oh yeah, they all swapped spit by sharing water bottles at the beach last week. Ewww.)

And then I saw this headline. Scary.

Eldest woke up with more of the same fever this morning. Over 100. Yesterday he managed to eat 5 fish sticks (random, and gross, I know) and some double noodle soup. Which was an improvement over just the popsicles that he's eaten since Thursday. My hulking almost 7-year-old football player is down from 46 pounds to a meager 43. I'm keeping a close eye on possible dehydration, but the fever is starting to worry me. He started running one on Wednesday night.

More to come, I'm sure.

In the meantime, will you make me feel better by voting for me?! Voting ends today.


Suburban Correspondent said...

I'll pass on the cookies. We suffer from enough plagues right here.

Whirlwind said...

Oh scary. I think I mentioned in my last reply that I hated H,F&M. Now that you posted the link to that story I'll tell you why. Two years ago, my three year old caught H,F&M. And then, she came down with viral encephalitis. It was scary. We spent four days in the children's hospital, and she eventually recovered. But the initial doctor had sent us home. It wasn't until we were leaving that he noticed her walking funny (as it had impaired her motor functions). He tried to catch us in the parking lot after making a quick referral phone call to the ER, but we had left. I had a phone call at home telling me to bring her back to the ER and that they would be waiting.

What tipped us off that something was wrong wasn't the fever - she was alos vomiting any little bit she drank. And when sleeping, she started having twitches (sort of seizure like) and then, she started having problems walking and eventually sounds made her scream (this was on our way back to the hospital -wasn't present prior to).

Hang in there!

AFRo said...

Girl. That headline is scary! I didn't know they could die from it!!!! Please tell me it's one of those diseases like chicken pox... once they've had it, they can't get it again? If so, we're in the clear.

Aubrey said...

Hi! Coming over from SITS. Voted for you! Hope the little ones are feeling better!

Kaza said...

You got my vote! Sorry you're dealing w/ HFM. I'm dreading the new round of germs when school starts up in a week.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I hope your kids feel better soon. Ick, I hate fevers. I feel so helpless as a Mom.

Alex Elliot said...

I hope your kids feel better soon! I just got an email from my training buddy that she and her son have Hand Foot and Mouth.


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