Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sporty Love

Julie at mothergoosemouse had a post the other day that got me thinking of how Hubby's and my relationship came to be.

Ever since I can remember, I've always been attracted to a certain "type". And that would be---Jocks. Athletes. Sportsguys. You know....MEAT-HEADS.

In high school, I dated a jock who was also somewhat of a rebel. A deep thinker. Wise beyond his years. My first love.

In college, I was utterly and completely a lacrosse groupie. Man, how I loved those boys with long sticks...(get yer mind outta the gutter! I'm talking about lacrosse defensemen, people!)

While in college, I met Love #2. He was the football team quarterback and president of his frat (which, coincidentally, was nicknamed "Kappa Duh" due to the plethora of football/baseball meat-head types). We dated all through our junior and senior years of college, and then moved down to Charlotte, NC together. Got engaged in February 1996 with plans for a July 1998 wedding (yeah, loooong engagement. BIG mistake. HuDge.) Anyway, I'll skip the gory details and just say that he crushed my self-esteem and broke my heart.

Despondent, I was utterly ready to pack it up and move back home to upstate NY. My mother talked me out of it, persuading me to stay down south a make a go of it all by myself. So I remained in Charlotte, first living with a friend and then renting my own place and living on my VERY own for the first time EVER. (Sidenote: Oh my gah, what I wouldn't GIVE to go back in time and kick my own self in my own ass for not relishing that time of my life more properly!)

Wallowing in heartbreak, I then met a guy who was sooooo NOT my type. Tall and lanky. A tennis player. Mr. Rebound, folks. Didn't we all have (at least) one? So I began dating him in mid-1998 and loved the attention he paid to me.

Enter (future) Hubby. It was summer (probably June). There was a group of us meeting for dinner. Me and Mr. Rebound. A few other couples. (She was there with her future hubby as well!) Hubby was the odd-man out. I remember he sat next to Mr. Rebound and they talked about hockey. I remember feeling quite interested in him. But that was that.

Mr. Rebound and I continued to see each other that summer. In August, we went out to a bar and bumped into (future) Hubby. He and I recognized each other and chatted for a bit. I even remember what he was wearing (a red Polo golf shirt). At this time there was definitely even more interest on my part.

Later that night, I remember telling my friend Christy, "I kinda like your friend. He's totally my type. But both times I've seen him, I've been with Mr. Rebound. Will you let him know that Mr. Rebound and I aren't really serious?"

Christy's response: "Him???!! I can't picture you guys together AT ALL."

(Famous last words, huh? She was one of my bridesmaids.)

So Christy set things in motion. She called Hubby and hinted to him that I wanted him to ask me out.

He called me at work on Monday. And asked me if I liked hockey. I said no.

Undaunted, he asked me if I wanted to go to a Bruins pre-season game. I said yes.

We went. He wore his hockey jersey. (Bad enough, sure. But not a deal-breaker. I was at least thankful there was no body-painting involved. Because THAT would've been a deal-breaker. I have my standards, you know.)

(There is another story involving a hockey jersey. One I shall save for another day. It involves our wedding night.)

And then there was our next date. When he wore his Nike running shirt.

Reading this over, I guess my point is that Hubby was (and still is) totally my type.

So do you have a "type"? Did you marry him?


Anonymous said...

So TOTALLY have a type, and hell yes I married him, LOL
It took me a long time to figure out what my "type" was, though, since I spent most of high school and college bouncing back and forth between two guys who seemed, on the surface, completely different. Turns out, they had a lot in common:
1) Athletic. Not Jock-y, but athletic. Could play more than one sport, but probably only lettered in one, does that make sense?
2) Smarter than the average (bear) athlete. Actually, smarter than most people. Just really freaking smart. The kind of smart you usual associate with social and physical ineptitude. Seriously, capable of making physics jokes smart.
3) Some combination that I can't explain that has to do with a really broad grin and twinkly eyes and I only recognize it when my knees buckle.

So it's no surprise to anyone who has known me since high school that I ended up married to a guy who has all of these traits and is a bizarre combination of the two boys I couldn't choose between for so long. My psyche recognized him the first time I saw him. (Embarrassingly corny, but true.)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Our stories are so similar. My husband is not my "type". I met him at college while I was dating someone else. He asked ME if I like hockey (since I too was from upstate NY he thought it was a given), I told him no. He still asked me out and that was our first date. Crazy!

Judy said...

My hubby and I are polar opposites. In fact, I am almost certain there were bets amongst the wedding party as to how many weeks/months before we split up after the wedding.

We're staring anniversary #16 down the throat this year, and there's no one else I would ever dream of spending the rest of my life with. Okay, maybe Patrick Dempsey, but that's just because I can lust after him up close at my parents' house...

amanda said...

totally thought i had a type...then i met the husband. i was supposed to be set up with his bf (my type) and so the game began. me flirting with the husband to get the friends attention!

lame i know.

but couldn't be happier.

i guess i have a new type.

for the last 12 years :)

iheartchocolate said...

Yes, it took me a while too, to figure out my type. I am NOT this type, but found them interesting. Sporty, although I am SO not. My husband is the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on, or dated. It was love at first sight, so to speak..for both of us. (would suck if it was just one, huh?)
He's perfect and tall and handsome and bald and sporty and gorgeous and perfect again. I love him. He puts up with me, and I have yet to figure out why.

azusmom said...

I used to get all dreamy-eyed over tall, lanky types with tortured souls. Until reality hit and I realized 1) "Tortured soul" usually meant self-centered and unemployed, and 2) I was waaaaay too neurotic to appreciate the nice, cool, funny guys all around me I could have dated.
Except once. In college. He was nice, funny, super cute, and we dated for a while. But I broke up with him, which was stupid of me.

In grad school I met Hubby. He's shorter than me, un-tortured, fun, kind, incredibly athletic, a terrific actor, sweet, sexy, smart, a great dad, and interested in everyone and everything. Also looks great in red, lol! He's the only guy I know who, when he was single, would go to strip clubs and TALK to the strippers, asking them questions about their lives! It's true. There were witnesses; his other single friends who were getting lap dances while Hubby was carrying on conversations.
So, what I thought was my type ended up being not my type at all, and vice versa!

Kaza said...

I married against "type," but in my case? That was a good thing!

Elaine said...

I definitely do. Everyone made fun of me when I started showing around pictures of my new boyfriend (now husband) because they thought he looked just like my old guy!

cbasoli said...

Nope. I thought I would marry a 6-foot, redhead who drove a race car and made good meatballs.

I dated a two redheads. They were both PA-Sychos! Ask hubby.

'Soli out.

Unknown said...

I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
I totally married my type.
He makes me laugh, laughs with me, and woo-ed me by playing his acoustic guitar. (***Heavy Sigh***)
That was a few years ago, but everything is still workin'!

Mom of 5 said...

My "type" before Hubby was any man that treated me like shit and squashed my self esteem.

Now my current Hubby is my soul mate. He is funny, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, hard working, a wonderful father, HOT, and he treats me with the utmost respect and love. He is the "type" I should have been looking for all along.

Manic Mommy said...

This was the checklist I made before I met Andy:

- Smart
- Funny
- Kind
- Ambitious
- Attractive

God was listening.

Jen said...

I'm responding late to this one - but yeah, I have a type and you betcha I married him.

Tall, thin, nerd, athletic (in a let's go jogging way), looks GREAT in a Brooks Brother's Suit, loves children, dork (see: nerd), and loves to read.

I also like my men a bit more conservative than me - why, I have no idea. I'm a middle of the road to liberal gal and my huz is a middle of the road to conservative. Hmmm.


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