Monday, June 23, 2008

Why I Feel Fat Today

So I'm home from vacay. Bloated, sluggish, and suffering from PVL (see my last post). I, of course, had packed exercise clothes for the trip with the best of intentions:

Running on the beach, Chariots-of Fire-esque! Hour-long walks! Salads for lunch and dinner!

Right, right.

Here's what really happened:

Rolled out of bed and squeezed into bathing suit. (Damn, did it shrink overnight?)
Ate breakfast.
Ate lunch.
Past noon--time for beer!
More snacks.
Fattening dinner.
More alcohol.
Lather, rinse, repeat for 6 days.

And then I got home and received an e-mail from my childhood best friend who lives in Orlando and is a personal trainer.

You know the type of friend whom you don't speak to every week, or even every month, yet when you see each other, it's like you've never been apart?

Yeah, that's my friend Andrea. We've known each other since we were 2 years old when my mom used to babysit her. Anyway, we just saw each other over Memorial weekend. We hadn't seen each other for 2 years before that, yet when we do manage to meet up it's so comfortable and easy. We grew up practically as one person and although distance has kept us from seeing each other, we're still the same Andrea and Sarah when we're together.

So Andrea e-mailed me that she's in a new workout video:

Yep. This is her on the cover. Could she BE any more buff???


Needless to say, I'll be getting the S.W.A.T. Workout. If anything, just to watch my BFF in action. (Hmmm...I'll have to ask Andrea if it still works while in the prone position eating potato chips.)

Err...TO GET MY ASS IN GEAR, I mean.


Anonymous said...

WOW..she looks amazing! (hello abs!)

going now to check out the S.W.A.T. workout!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

By the way I look A LOT like your friend on the cover of the workout! (Well, not really. Actually not at all.) said...

Sound like your vacation was perfect! Haven't you heard of photoshop? I'm sure your friends picture was "photoshopped" for the viewing audience!!!!!!! ha-ha! Actually, she looks great - a great person for the cover of a video like that!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm the same way on vacations...why do I even pack exercise clothes? I know I'm just going to lay around and drink Mojitos!


(example 1)

Lindsay said...

Man I have some ab-envy now! Does post-baby flab count as abs?

Good luck getting your ass in gear! The only thing I can get in gear is my car as I go to buy ice cream and candy.

amanda said...

omg!! that's a real life person?? and you know her? in my book that counts as totally working out. you know her. therefore by default you worked out. the end.

really, i think your vaca daily plan sounds like my everyday real life plan :)

welcome home!

Shell in the City said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! Junk food magically becomes healty while on vacation!Nothing like having a personal trainer for a friend...haha. Total guilt! Her body is amazing!
I saw my oldest & dearest friend when I went to Nashville in April - she is a dietician! I felt guilty everytime I ate something other than a fruit or vegetable! I think it almost killed her to hold a plate of biscuits while I took a picture!!

Alex Elliot said...

She looks great! Seriously though it would make me want to go eat a bag of Oreos. I did a triathlon yesterday and I got the brilliant idea to weigh myself today to see if I had lost any weight in you know one day. Yeah, I have no idea what I was thinking and no I didn't lose any weight.

Anonymous said...

After looking at that picture, you HAVE to start shopping around for a new BFF. Seriously. And I hope she's 50 lbs heavier... That woman looks like she could beat Angelina Jolie to a pulp. :) Dang. Just thinking of it sends me straight to the freezer for ice cream. Wanna join me?

Manic Mommy said...

Just tell me she hasn't had kids. Abs like that should be illegal.

I love falling into conversation like it's been five minutes since the last.

And your vacation sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

Tell me she isn't real. I have ab envy. Big. Time. She looks fabulous.

Sounds like your vacation was fabulous!

Deb said...

*sigh* I am at least two years away from abs like that, considering I'm hunkered down in front of my computer, eating peanut butter and wearing maternity shorts. But I really am going to have abs like that after this baby comes. I am. Really. Am so!

Amy said...

I would SO break up with her as a friend. (I'm SO mature....)


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