Monday, June 02, 2008

What I Did in NY--By Hubby

Played hours upon hours of baseball with Eldest and then later moaned to my wife about how sore my hipkneeankleshoulderwristelbow was.

Gritted my teeth as my wife embarrassed me by taking my picture outside the gas station when I was pumping liquid gold into my preshus SUV.

Grudgingly tore myself away from the NASCAR race to pose for a family picture in front of the azaleas (so what? they're just flowers) before we embarked on our puke-free journey home to MA.


Chaotic Joy said...

Ooooh. I loved the rare family photo. Especially the boys in their PJs. Too cute.

tulipmom said...

Great picture! The azaleas are gorgeous and your boys look so cute in their pjs.

Janet said...

Just flowers??!!! Blasphemy.

amanda said...

oh $4.07

be still my heart.

and my wallet.

Amy said...

Gorgeous flowers! Cute jammie-wearing kiddos, and $4 plus at the pump - ugh.

Shell in the City said...

Love the pics. For posterity, the gas pump one -- we are not yet to $4.00 down here..but it is coming! Have a great time at Myrtle Beach. I look forward to hearing about the adventures. It is really hot down here this week -90s.


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