Sunday, June 29, 2008


My little monkey Baby is three today. (Don't even try to tell me that there's no resemblance. I can take it. He totally looks - and acts, for that matter - like a primate.)

(I guess this means I can't say that I'm postpartum anymore? That I'm still trying to lose my baby weight? Oh, and how old is your baby, Sarah? Uh, well, he's three.)


Since last year, you've come a long way, Baby!

You are now talking. Nonstop. To the point that I can't even believe that we had you evaluated last year. You are articulate to the point of ridiculousness. And you always have to have the last word. (Kinda Just like your Daddy.)

You are potty trained!

You are sleeping in a big boy bed!

Your favorite color is blue and your favorite food is whatever anyone else is eating. You constantly eat half of whatever Daddy and I happen to have on our plates. You are pretty partial to Mommy's plates of salad when she's dieting. (How many 2 3 year olds eat salad with balsamic and feta?)

You saw your very first movie in a theater this weekend (Kung Fu Panda). It didn't go well. You have absolutely NO attention span whatsoever. Thankfully Mommy smuggled in Starburst to rot your teeth and make you (more) hyper keep you occupied.

You are fresh. You are stubborn. You are physical. You never, ever give up. You love baseball (and are a natural) just like your biggest brother. You can be VERY naughty. And can run way too fast.

Yet you still love curling up on my lap with your thumb and your blue blankie. And being the my Baby.


My Baby.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Happy Birthday, little guy!

He's still the cutest little monkey I've ever seen. Give him a smoosh for me, 'kay Mama?

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Baby! My "baby boy" is about to turn 3 in October. But I still have one more to go until I have no excuse for the muffintop.

And yes the monkey resemblance is uncanny, but monkeys are cute and he is even cuter!

AFRo said...

Awe! Happy Birthday Baby... So sweet.

Unknown said...

Aw, happy birthday!!

Deb said...

Happy birthday to him and congratulations to you for surviving it all.

Oh, and I think the statute of limitations on postpartum was recently extended to 18 years, so you've got plenty of time left.

Unknown said...

A friend bought me a New Mum treatment as a birthday gift (massage, facial - full on pampering sesh) a while back and I just got around to using it. It was one of those lovely get your wobbly bits back into shape jobbies. The therapist said to me "so how old is your baby now?" Gulp "Erm, well, she's nearly three" (so I have no excuse for looking this bad, I felt like adding)

Manic Mommy said...

RC was three in April. And still my baby. And still not potty-trained. I love it when they snuggle.

iheartchocolate said...

awww, happy b-day lil man

Mayberry said...

Happy birthday, baby! Gotta love the three.

Paula Reece said...

So sweet! My baby will be 4 in August. It made my heart ache just to type that! Gotta love the baby boys.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

Amy said...

Happy Bday Baby Monkey!! (Is that a giant monkey cookie in the last pic?)

Sweet pictures, and yes, indeed, he resembles Curious George. But is there anything cuter than Curious George?

Janet said...

Three is delish.

Happy Birthday to your little monkey.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Happy Birthday!
I love three year olds.

Anonymous said...

Aw, happy birthday! He's got the most gorgeous brown eyes!

morewineplease said...

I love this post! My baby just turned 3 in June too! She is a total mess/handful/challenge/light of my life!


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