Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slower Than a One-Armed Bagger

Yeah, we're back! Sucks to be thinking about having to go back to work tomorrow after a glorious vacation. It really was a good one. *sigh* I'm totally suffering from a bit of alcohol withdrawal and post-vacay letdown. PVL for short. Sounds kinda like an STD, huh? Anyway, here's what the boyz thought of our beach trip:

So I'll share more vacation stories later this week. For now, I want to jot down an experience I just had at the grocery store.

I'm alone. And psyched to be alone, albeit that it's only at the market. No negotiating over fruit snacks or pop tarts. No bribery. No growling through clenched teeth about 100 times, "Because I said so."

I finish my shopping. And get in line. I request paper bags. And then I notice him. My bagger. With one entire arm in a sling. Attempting to bag my groceries. In paper bags. With one arm.

All right--who's in charge here? Wouldn't this guy be better put to use somewhere else? Like collecting shopping carts with one arm? Or stacking canned goods with one arm?


I watch as my checked items begin to pile up as he fumbles and manages to put a mere 2 boxes and one can in a bag. And then lifts it as though to put it into my cart. Because he can't lift anything much heavier than that.

Clearly, this is NOT going to work.

So I stand on the other side of him. And grab my own paper bag and start filling it up. I manage to bag all my own groceries as One Arm is still grappling with a bag of grapes and a quarter-watermelon.

And I can't help thinking: Isn't there a joke about this? Where the punch line is something to the effect of "slower than a one-armed bagger?"



Life As I Know It said...

Um, yeah, you'd think they would perhaps give him another job...

But you do have a good punchline.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like the store, which starts with an H and ends with D, where my daughter works.

Even the able-bodied baggers bag like they have one arm.


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