Thursday, June 05, 2008


I just joined this site. Check them out. You can join too. It's a great way to get to know some new bloggers! PLUS they're having an awesome contest.

I totally want to win (meaning, not pay for; meaning, Hubby would kill me if I spent money for) a blog makeover. I think I'm due. Don't you agree? I'm just not digging my header anymore, now that I'm working full time and am not so much "in the trenches" these days.

I think part of the reason I was so crabby yesterday, on top of the fact that I missed Eldest's Kindergarten Celebration, was that I was dressed totally inappropriately. It was cold and rainy out all day, and I left the house in a short sleeved blouse and NO COAT. So I froze on the train, froze at work all day, and then froze back home.

I'm the type of person who is totally affected by what I'm wearing. If I hate my outfit, then I'm ugly all day. If something is bothering me when I'm running (shorts riding up, hair falling down) then I have a bad workout. My first day of work at my new job, I was wearing a suit, while everyone else was casual. I felt so out of place all day.

So is this just me? Or do your clothes affect you too? Have you ever been dressed inappropriately? Do tell!

And finally, I have a blind lunch date tomorrow with this lovely lady:

Do you recognize her? Hint: She's on my blogroll. And after tomorrow, I will get to change her link from pink to red! We've both already agreed that we're bringing our cameras for posterity. And I'm crossing my fingers that I can fake being poised and cool (as opposed to my usual tendency towards social awkwardness and lettuce-stuck-in-teeth-ness.)


Life As I Know It said...

I am totally affected by what I'm wearing! Even a bad hair day will ruin my mood.
Have fun on your lunch date tomorrow!

Suz said...

100% if I don't like what I'm wearing I have a bad day, and forget about after work plans, I immediately I have to go home and change.

hqm said...

Shorts riding up...makes me crazy, b/c it is all I focus on!
You are not alone!

amanda said...

everyday i am effected by the clothes. which is why most days i remain in my pjs :)

but seriously my mom used to tell me when i was growing up to always dress up on the days i didn't feel good. and you automatically will feel better. i still do it today.

ps - not sure who that is to be honest, but she looks like tons of fun and i am pretty sure she is famous!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, If your looking for a blog makeover come on over to my blog. I have been playing around, teaching myself a few things and can't seem to get enough of designing blog headers and my own family is tired of my own blog changing constantly, it would be fun to do what I love, for someone else.

Take care,

AFRo said...

My senior year of college, I was editor of the campus newspaper and had to go with our student body president to a luncheon with the Institutions of Higher Learning board that governs funding of the school.

The student body president was really a bitch, so I refused to make the 2 hour trek with her. I showed up in khakis and a nice blouse.

EVERYONE else was in jackets and ties. I felt like a total idiot. What's worse is that bitch saw me before we left campus and never said a word.

Never again. I'll go overdressed every time.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Off to check out the site you mentioned! Have fun tomorrow at lunch... ahhh... I'm jealous!! Take tons of photos and blog!! :)
- Audrey

Manic Mommy said...

EXACTLY. Everything you and the other commenters said - the hair, the clothes, the shoes, a run in my nylons, pantylines, feeling fat.

I'm a big, fun bundle of insecurity.

Mom of 5 said...

I'm not sure if this counts as "dressed inappropriately", but I wore a button up sweater inside out ALL DAY and didn't notice it until the end of my work day. I'd been wearing it for 10 hours, and even went out to lunch like that. Yeah, not my most stellar moment. And the person who finally pointed it boss. I felt like a totaly idiot.

The worst thing is that this just happened Tuesday of THIS WEEK. Yeah. I'm still mortified.

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Hello? You have to ask. You have seen me in action. Not the 'right' outfit can almost make me melt of embarrassement. What is WRONG with us??

MB :o)

Melanie said...

About the Red Sox brawl -I just barely found out. Not a lot of Red Sox coverage in Utah, and I missed my morning does of Baseball tonight (TiVo didn't catch it for some reason). Pretty funny. I didn't know Manny and Youk had such a hard time together!

polkadot said...

yes on the clothes, but more on the hair... I frequently rewash my hair in the sink and restyle if it's buggin'

Deb said...

Now HER hair rocks!! (I've already read ahead, and I love the photo of the two of you.)

I'm with you on the clothing thing. If my outfit sucks, it affects my entire persona and, I swear, it used to affect my job performance when I worked.


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