Monday, June 09, 2008

Catching Up

So I teased you about my meet up with a fellow blogger on Friday. Did you guess who she was?

It was Amy from Milk Breath and Margaritas! (Is that not a GREAT blog name?) Well, barring my awkwardness and tendency to chatter incessantly when I'm nervous, I'd venture to say it was a lovely lunch. Amy is tall and gracious, with killer taste in red shoes. She's soft spoken with southern charm and we found that we have similar taste in boys' names (our babies have the same first name!) and similar attitudes about being working mommas who blog. (Amy also writes for Mommy Track'd. Check her out!)

Though neither of us will be attending BlogHer this year (I may still be holding a slight grudge that Boston wasn't chosen as the host city), we didn't rule out the possibility for '09.

And although the fickle Boston weather was gray and damp and chilly on the day we met, here's hoping that Amy and her husband enjoyed the weekend heatwave and all that Boston has to offer!

And uh, speaking of heatwave...did I mention that my Sis and I had signed up to run a 5K on Sunday morning? At 9:45a.m. When it was already about 90+ degrees out. Yeah.

So we ran. Well, SHE ran. I walked after 20 minutes. NO EXCUSES. I SUCK. But. But. But.

I had forgotten my iPod, so my internal monologue was killing me with "It's too hot. You're out of shape. It's too hot. You're never gonna make it. It's too hot. Damn, this road is long. It's too hot. You're way too thirsty. It's too hot. You NEED to stop." I had NO rockin' tunes to distract me. And plus, I usually try to run to the beat of my music. (By the way? I'm convinced that the song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins is the BEST running song. Ever.)

And then? I had to PEE. Not just a little, "Yeah, I kinda hafta tinkle." It was more like, "YEAH, PEE IS NOW JUST ABOUT RUNNING DOWN MY LEG." So once I stopped running, I had to scope out a safe spot to drop my shorts. I did so in some bushes alongside a bank drive thru. On a main road. I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant by "DEPOSIT HERE."

My finish time was just under 33 minutes. Yucko. After the race, I despairingly whined to my Sis, "I just have NO mental toughness." And her response was, "Yeah. Ya pretty much don't."

So my new running strategy is such: Must.Get.In.Shape. (Such a simple statement, but ohhh, the dread it invokes...) So I will commence running at least 2 times during the week on my lunch break. Then one night during the week, Sis and I will meet up at 8pm (after the boyz are in bed) to run (whichever night Sis doesn't have to work) and then we will run together on either Saturday or Sunday of every week. That makes 4 runs per week. And Sis and I are signing up to run a 1/2 marathon again in the fall. No excuses.

Now pass me the potato chips.


It's actually ice cream that I'm craving.


justme said...

i am trying to train for a half in oct. let's inspire each other. it will be my first half eva !

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to gatecrash your blog, but I wanted as many mums to read this story about a 26-year-old leukaemia sufferer who is writing an online diary with one aim - to save others.
It is so utterly moving and, for any mum out there, totally heartbreaking.
He only has weeks left to live - I just thought it would be nice if he received all the support he could get from us mums out there.

Amy said...

Hiya!! I posted about our meet up today too! I can't believe you ran in that boiling heat. And funny on the "deposit here"!!! If someone saw you it would have been the best blog fodder ever!

Lori said...

LOL about the deposit and your Sis agreeing about your lack of mental toughness. I agree it was the lack of music to blame as I'm the same way. When left with my self-talk, I'm a mess.

Good luck training for the half!

youarekiddingme said...

Good luck on a 1/2 marathon. I just signed up for an 8 week boot camp in which I'm paying lots of money for a large man to kick my a**.

A's Mom said...

And who wouldn't be craving ice cream with these temperatures. We're getting the same heat wave in D.C. and let me tell you... a small pool of ice cubes would be great right about now.

Amanda said...

That's it! I am going to make my 6 week postpartum check up and get my ass running.

my2boyz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in love with you! 3 boyz, Silence of the Lambs fan and you live in MA! Red Sox fan??? Me too!! I am from CT went to school in MA and miss miss miss New England so much!

KatBouska said...

Oh my gosh I have that same internal momlogue when I workout. I wouldn't have lasted either. I bet you were just kicking yourself for forgetting that IPOD!! Dang it.

I think I'm WAY too shy and nervous to actually meet up with one of my real life blogger friends...maybe someday, I've met some of the coolest people!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading Amy's blog. We obviously have a bunch in common. Good for you running. I walked a 5K bc I don't think I could have even run .5K.

Deb said...

You'll do it!! (I'm not mentally tough, either, and I have been known to drop out of races if I don't have music.)

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Glad you had a great lunch with Amy. Looks like you both had fun!! And I do love her blog... and the name!! Always cracked me up!!
I loved the 5K story. Geez... I commend you for even moving in that heat! I'm telling you... my ass was by a pool and trying to have my boys wait on me. Yes, even all 3 of them! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant by "DEPOSIT HERE."



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