Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Walmart Confession

Last night, upon my return home from work, Hubby (who had left his work early due to the stomach bug) asked me if I would head out to Walmart or Target later that evening after the boyz were in bed. He had a list of stuff we needed for the Trenches.

By the time we got everyone settled (past 8pm), I had already changed into my "comfy" clothes--you know the ones: tee shirt, baggy exercise pants, no bra.

Crap! Still had to take one for the team and venture out to Target/Walmart.

So I simply threw on a sweatshirt and headed out. Braless. To Walmart. After 8pm.

Where I most definitely blended in with the rest of the Walmart crowd, especially in our Central Massachusetts neck of the woods.

Because where else can you buy applesauce, undershirts and curtain tie backs all in one-stop-shopping?

Sure, I could've gone to Target as well..

But then I definitely would have had to wear a bra.


Amy said...

Oh yes - I've ventured to Walgreens and Krogers braless at odd hours of the night, but Target requires undergarments.

Unknown said...

Way to take one for the team. I always get into my pajamas when I am getting the kids ready for bed so that I can attempt to go to sleep shortly after...of course, that never happens. But it must have been nice to go to Walmart by yourself. Time to yourself is good, even if it is at WalMart.

Wendy said...

Yes, Target requires bra but does it require make up? lol

Anonymous said...

How true!

I have to confess that I have been to Walmart in my pj's, no bra and slippers! And it may have been during the day!

To me, it's the only store that appearance doesn't matter.

azusmom said...

We went to Hawaii last summer, and the place to be, in Honolulu on a Friday night, is Wal-Mart! There was a huge line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot, and the store was packed. This was at 10 or 11 at night.

Who says having kids ruins your nightlife?

Manic Mommy said...

Good for you giving those 105 year old Walmart greeters a little thrill.

Andy refers to that outfit as "the uniform" and it's definitely been to CVS but not to Target. I have standards.

Judy said...

Did your clothes match? Because, if they did, you were WAY overdressed for Wal Mart!

Cynical Nymph said...

Duuude. Your "comfy clothes" are my "work uniform." It's sad. I'm not even a mom yet. I feel like I'll just be wandering around naked, or possibly in neon spandex. Though I can't imagine that's very comfortable. I mean, it's not breathable, is it?

Oh my god, I belong in the suburbs, don't I? Awesome. I'd probably get a better price per square foot. I'm using your blog as real estate analysis for my debate with my husband. Thanks!!

**is not really kidding**

Shell in the City said...

You are definitely a team player!! Nothing like a late night trip when you don't really feel like it! I wish my boobs would shrink so that I could go braless. I am jealous! FYI - my tests came back - borderline low (hypo) thyroid. I don't have to take medicine at this point. We'll see what happens!!

youarekiddingme said...

Oh man, I have to wear a bra to Target? I know it's more upscale than Wal-Mart, but really, a bra?
I am so with you on the comfy clothes. My husband calls me Super Woman because as soon as I get home I change from my "public" clothes to my comfy clothes - bra off, t-shirts, sweats, pj's, whatever has an elastic waist band and doesn't match, preferably.

Sheila said...

The outfit sounds great, especially if it's accompanied by a baseball cap low across the eyes so no one recognizes you!

My daughters, of course, would say that you're right out of What Not to Wear. But who wears heels to Wal Mart anyway?

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lukerdom.... As a fellow central massachusetts resident I must admit that I have gone to both Walmart and Target in my comfy clothes on with no bra on and I not once felt out of place

Llama Momma said...

I've been there...too funny!!


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