Thursday, May 15, 2008

Questions in My Head

1. Does it mean I've eaten too many Doritos if my finger and thumb are stained orange, even after I've washed them?

2. Why, every time I enter a public library, do I immediately feel the need to go to the bathroom? Every. Time.

3. Why do the left hand lanes move SLOWER than the right hand lanes in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Boston? Does everyone figure that the left hand lanes will be FASTER, so all the cars drive in those lanes, thus leaving the right lanes less congested?

4. Why am I drawn to the most expensive purses in TJMaxx and Marshalls? Whenever I find one I like, it's inevitably some obscure designer with a pricetag of $199. Seriously.

5. Why does ice cream taste so much better when someone else scoops it?

6. It's mid-May here in Massachusetts. So why do I still see people wearing WINTER COATS and even worse...WINTER SCARVES?? (which I saw today whilst it was a balmy 60 degrees out). Granted, it is 37 out when I leave in the morning, but hello? Don't you read the weather reports? And don't you EXPECT that it's certainly going to rise above 40's MAY?!!! (Oh, and put away your Christmas lights while you're at it.)

7. Why does "just one more" glass of wine always seem like such a good idea when it's really sooo not a good idea at that point?

8. Why do women not shave their toe hair? (I do. You do too, don't you?)

9. When is Entourage going to be back on?

10. Why can't I drop these last pesky 10 post-pregnancy pounds? (And by post-pregnancy, I, of course, mean almost 3 years later...)

Oh. Damn. Apparently I can already answer that last one. Just see #1 and #5 above (and uh, #7).

Got answers to the rest for me? Happy Friday!


Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll said...

Oh my GOD--I have to pee every single time I go into a library OR a bookstore. Every time. Its SO weird and I was sure I was the only one! I'm glad to know I am not alone!

azusmom said...

Having grown up in Boston, I believe that trying to make sense of either its weather or the driving patterns of its residents will only lead to heartache. Or insanity.

I shave my toe AND finger hair. (Hey, I've got eastern-European ancestors.)

I believe HBO has pushed back the new season of "Entourage" to September. Yeah, sucks.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

You've been walking around in my head and stealing my thoughts haven't you!

Well all except the whole Boston and winter thing, those were just misinterpreted memories you found from when I lived in New York. It was a confusing time.

Other than that you've totally been sneaking around in my head.

Anonymous said...

Great questions!

Here are a couple more to add:

Regarding the ice cream...why is it food always tastes better when someone else cooks it?

Regarding pregnancy weight: why is it that I weigh the same as before I was pregnant but my body looks worse?

iheartchocolate said...

When I actually get around to shaving my legs, I take care of that stuff. I wear flip-flops constantly, so I kind of have to or those weird feet observers will make fun of me on their blogs. (the pressure is on now)


Manic Mommy said...

The other day, my sister arrived at my house with her four-year-old in a winter coat. My three-year-old was in shorts. I said "okay, which of us is *way* off?"

I've noticed the left lane thing too. I believe it's because being further right offers you more alternatives but being all the way to the left leaves you only one option.

I just made brownies. Hello ten pounds!

Major Bedhead said...

3 - it's like going thru the looking glass.
4 - I have the same problem. Except the bags I find? Always Michael Kors. And always stupidly expensive.

7 - if you come up with an answer for that one, let me know.

amanda said...

1. is the same true for cheetos?

2. same thing happens to me at bookstores. always.

8. i do.

happy friday to you too :)

enjoy your doritos, ice cream and wine!!

Anonymous said...

Sixty Degrees? Lucky. It's almost double that here... not kidding. It was 106 today and now it's 10:00 pm and the temp outside is 83 degrees. What I'd give for 60 degrees today...

AFRo said...

I shave toe and feet hair!!! But not the Fro

Lindsay said...

I do the same thing whenever I go to church! Without fail, no matter if I just went five minutes ago when we left home, as soon as my foot hits the threshold I automatically turn for the bathroom.

I should take your toe hair advice. My husband looked at my feet the other day when we were sitting on the sofa and was like "EEEEWWWW, how have I never noticed this before?!?" For the record, you actually have to be inches away to notice, but still...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I shave my toe hair. I hate body hair!


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