Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Post Mother's Day


Wanna know what I got for Mother's Day on Sunday?

It sucks.



I growled to Hubby that morning, "I can't believe you got me a vacuum for Mother's Day. This is soooo going on the blog."

And he came back with, "I didn't get it for you! The boyz did. You're not my mother."

In all honesty though, I've been wanting a new vacuum for FOREVER.

Thankfully, the huDge box was delivered when our across-the-street neighbors were away (the vacuum cleaner lady). Whew.

But actually, now I'm kinda wishing Hubby the boyz had gotten me a wet/dry vac to pick up the detritus.


It's back.

A fungus. Among us. 2 down, 1 in the throes, and 2 yet to fall.

And have I mentioned that we leave for NY in 8 days to visit my parents? And that I haven't been HOME in over a YEAR? And that I'm meeting up with my childhood BFF (since we were 2 years old!) who will also be home?

Here's hoping that this virus sweeps through the Trenches with swiftness (and mercy. Much mercy).


MrsWaltz said...

Um, I bought one of those for my husband. For Christmas. As one of his "big" presents. And it DOES suck. I love it!

Amy said...

I briefly considered asking for a really expensive new washer and dryer for Christmas. But I don't want to start the "appliance as appropriate gift" precedent.

Hope everyone feel better for the trip!

youarekiddingme said...

Hi - new to your blog and I like it! Otherwise, I guess I wouldn't comment, but anyway...
I got totally sucked into buying a Dyson when I was pregant and so completely nesting. I spent WAY too much money on a vacuum. It reminds me everyday of my pregancy delirium.Unfortunately, the delirium didn't end, but I know now to not buy any overpriced appliances from that very convincing British inventor. He really is convincing.

amanda said...

ahhh lucky lady you are! a shiny new vacuum :)

sorry bout the fungus - i wish it a speedy exit!!

ps - heard the boys song on the radio again this morning...i swear i just can't not picture your little loves dancing to it when it comes on!!

Anonymous said...

A vacuum??? For Mother's Day??? Oh dear.

Hope the family recovers pronto.

AnnetteK said...

Hey, at least you got a present! I really want a new vacuum cleaner and that one is beautiful.

gina said...

Never underestimate the thrill of a really GOOD vacuum! I got a Dyson about a month ago and I am in awe of it.

I asked for and got cash to put towards my credit card bills (sheepish grin) for Mother's Day. :)

Meredith said...

Well, I didn't get anything....but WAS offered cash to make up for it. Now that I think about it, I really could use a new vacuum...

Your trip sounds so fun.

Sheila said...

The vacuum's a great gift--as long as someone else will use it!

What I always find at Mother's Day is that everybody buys me something at the last minute and nobody puts much thought into it. I'd rather there not be a Mother's Day, really, if that's what I'll be stuck with!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

ZDub said...

I got a rice cooker for Mother's Day. We do eat a lot of rice (husband is Asian) but, come on!

I like your blog!


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