Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ode to Alanis

Middle, Baby and I all had dentist appointments this past Saturday morning. What fun! (typed with heavy sarcasm).

Actually, it went fine. Middle went all by himself to one room (I KNOW!) while I was next door having my own teeth poked and scraped cleaned, with Baby watching intently. Then it was Baby's turn. Not to be outdone by his big brother, he sat all by himself and got his own cleaning and fluoride treatment.

Anyway (short story longer and GET TO THE POINT OF THIS POST, SARAH), the dentist solemnly spoke to Middle about his thumb sucking and how it's not good for his mouth. To me, Mr. Dentist (or is it Dr. Dentist?) suggested that perhaps when Middle turns 4 (mid-June), that we start to encourage him to not do it, by using rewards or even covering it with a bandaid. [Sidenote #1: When we ask Middle what his thumb tastes like, he always matter-of-factly responds, "Water."]

(Isn't it ironic?)

Later on Saturday night, as Hubby and I were sitting in the sunroom and the boyz were adjacent to us in the living room watching one of those rat movies (Flushed Away? Ratatouille? Mickey Mouse?), we heard a slam and then a shriek.

(Don't ya think?)

Seems Baby got the urge to slam Middle's finger in the top of the (no longer being used now that it's spring/save the DSS calls, people) WOODSTOVE.

Not just any finger though. His THUMB. His SUCKING THUMB.

(A little toooo ironic...)

So, a bandaid was indeed applied, at his request, to his little scraped thumb. [Sidenote #2: Middle is a Bandaid Addict. I'm hoping this addiction doesn't manifest itself by way of tattoos or piercings when he gets older. And by older I mean 30.]

Flash forward to bedtime. [Sidenote #3: Thankfully, Baby has adjusted. It took one full week.] And then flash forward 2 hours further to 10pm when Middle was STILL UP because he couldn't suck his thumb!

And then had no nap on Sunday for the very same reason. Uhhh, no offense Mr. (Dr.?) Dentist, but I'm thinking we'll just let him outgrow the thumb sucking. Because at this point? Momma. Needs. Sleep. And will worry about future orthodontia bills then. Meaning, in THE FUTURE.

(Yeah, I really do think.)

So then yesterday (gah, is she done yet?), I'm at work trying to cram some files back into a file cabinet and you'll never guess what happened.

Paper cut. A mother f'ing huDge slice.

On my thumb.

Now I'm wearing a bandaid.

(It's like rai-a-ain....)

See us being very sad about our matching boo-boo thumbs?


Judy said...

Oh OUCH - sad thumbs for both of you!

justme said...

my 3 1/2 year old sucks her thumb. i have not discouraged b/c dentist said teeth were fine, and i keep thinking if it was a lovey i wouldn't take it away from her so why take her thumb from her - right ?

the thing that is starting to happen is the friends saying something. i was taking her and her friend to soccer and the conversation was harsh.
friend "don't suck your thumb"
sass "i can suck my thumb, i like it'
friend "only baabies suck their thumb"
sass"i am not a baby"
my heart was breaking, i explained that all kids suck fingers and thumbs and it is fine.
friend "NO my mommy said babies suck thumbs, big girl suck lollipops"
i later talked with sass that maybe she should start to suck her thumb only when she is home and not in front of friends....who knows.

midwest princess said...

i've been lurking for some time (blah blah blog's sister), so i figured it was time i finally commented! love your humor and writing style! don't worry about the thumb, i sucked mine until i was five and i turned out ok. he'll probably need braces anyway...

Wendy said...

I agree that he'll break himself when he's ready. And it's so rough on you to force it. Kid's need braces whether they were thumb suckers or not.

Poor thumbs. I too have a band aide addict. I didn't think of it's manifestation into piercings and tattoos!!! Now I am worried I have an emo gothic kid lurking under the freckle covering band aides.

Anonymous said...

mine will be 5 in august and still sucks his thumb. he litterally started in utero and hasn't stopped. it is, however, confined to rest and bedtimes (his choice) and very connected to blankie too (blankie and thumb just go together, give him blankie and thumb goes in the mouth). we had an accident a few weeks ago that also resulted in a bandaid on the thumb... also stayed up two hours past bedtime because he just could not sleep (and, NO, the other thumb is NOT as good). finally we took the bandaid off (no blood, just an average boo boo) so he could suck his poor hurt thumb and finally sleep! we're not worrying about it here... he probably won't go to high school still sucking his thumb. and if it goes much past that, his wife can deal with it :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! For both of you!

We are struggling with a similar problem...only it's a binky.

Although my son is fine during the day, at night he refuses to sleep.

Maybe we can get a two-fer with the orthodontist!

amanda said...

mmmk, so i probably shouldn't admit this. but i sucked my thumb. till i was like 12. really. but only when i was tired. had the braces and all is fine.

i say let him suck the thumb :)

can we still be friends now that you know this about me??

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I sucked my thumb until I was eight and I turned out okay. No braces! And now I'm a successful SAHM who hasn't showered and spent 4 straight hours on the Internet! Middle will be just fine!

MadMad said...

Awww, you poor widdle guys! Hope you're back to normal soon! (Liquid bandaid, btw, for the paper cut - works awesome! As for the wood stove, I don't know. Maybe I'll just call DSS.)

Grandma Cebe said...

OK, I confess that I sucked my thumb until I was like 13 or 14. My mother tried everything to get me to stop, but to no avail. I never had braces, never needed them.

Let middle suck away. He'll be fine.

AFRo said...

I'm pretty sure it's Dr. They do have a medical degree...

I too was a thumb sucker until I was about 9. I had to have my thumb and my silk blanket to sleep.

If your kid is like me, your efforts are futile. I'm sorry. But, it's the truth.

To this day, I catch myself lulling myself to sleep by putting my comforter to my face... no thumb, but I do still bite my nails.

It's just a thing. He will grow out of it.

lae said...

My soon to be 9 yr old still sucks his thumb. (from that first ultrasound photo) Our dentist and I have regular "chats" about this as well. He already needs braces as a result but I am holding off until the sucking stops. It is really only when he is very tired or at night when he is falling asleep. He is starting to be embarrassed by it. Fearing the sleepovers and being teased. I always remind him that his friends will still be his friends; that really they are all still little and many sleep with a lovey. He never has needed anything but his thumb. Easy to keep track of at least. We plan on letting him just outgrow it. Just my two cents. Love your blog!


iheartchocolate said...

I was uh, a bit older (cough) when I quit sucking my thumb. My baby teeth were very buck but that is the only damage I remember. My older brother put one of his socks on my hand before bed and I didn't ever suck my thumb again.

The Crafty Insomniac said...

My daughter sucked her left index finger and it was starting to mess her teeth up. I found this stuff on Amazon... it's called STOP by Mavala. The kid stopped sucking her finger in six hours. It was miraculous! :-)

Deb said...


I keep thinking I'm too old for paper cuts. Like it's something I should just know better about and stop doing. Then I get one and think, "SURELY that is the last one! I'm almost 40, for cryin' out loud!" I have no idea why that seems logical to me.

Moments Of Mom said...

Umm, not to scare you or anything but I sucked my thumb until I was 13.... ok... 14.... even while I had braces... nothing was stopping me...

Then one day, I just decided I didn't want to anymore.

Amy said...

Oh the irony! Sorry about the thumbs!

Janet said...

...on your wedding day!

It's a freeee riiiide,
when you've already paid.
It's the good adviiiice,
That you just didn't take.
And who would've thought,
If figures.


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