Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Recap Part I--Our Drive to NY

Now lest you think our drive 6 hours to upstate NY to visit my parents was without incident, never fear! It's us, remember??? There's always a story.

I took the the 4:05 train home from work on Thursday afternoon. We were on the road at 6pm.

We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts once we hit I-88 in Albany. We peed, we ate donuts (Hubby and the boyz), and we drank vanilla chai (me) and iced coffee (Hubby). Next stop: Gramma & Poppa's house!

Yeah, not so much.

Around 9:15 p.m., we shut off the DVD player, encouraging the boyz to settle down to sleep. A few seconds later, as Eldest and Baby started drifting off, Middle started complaining. "My head belly hurts."

Hubby turned to me and said (WITH CONVICTION), "I betcha he's gonna puke."

No sooner had I responded to him with a surly, "Now WHY would you even say that???",

when Middle started to hork (totally stole that word from The New Girl, by the way).

Thankfully it spewed downward, and not outward. All over himself and his blanket.


Hubby turned on the interior lights as I clambered into the back seat and positioned myself between Middle and Baby's carseats. We were in the middle of nowhere, around Cooperstown. Hubby kept driving. Middle puked again. I had NOTHING to catch it with, so I just put his (already soiled) blanket up to his mouth. It was a LOT of vomit.

We pulled off in Oneonta. At practically 10pm. By this time, everyone is wide awake. Baby keeps repeating, "Don't like dat smell. Don't like dat smell in here." Eldest is in the way-back, plugging his nose.

NOTHING is open. We drive through a few deserted shopping plazas. When directly ahead of us, there's a beacon of light.



Hubby pulls up to the front of the store. I throw Middle, who is pale white with red-rimmed eyes, into the shopping cart. His puke stained pj's are HARDLY noticeable or smelly. (We totally fit RIGHT IN with the rest of the Walmart clientele.) I buy him new pj's (because, of course, the suitcase was at the BOTTOM of the trunk) and change him in the Walmart bathroom.

In the meantime, Hubby has reorganized the car. He puts Eldest in the Middle row with Baby so that I can sit in the third row with Middle. The vacuum that we're bringing to my parents is now in the front seat next to Hubby. I swear, we must look like the Griswolds.

So Middle and I return to the car. I had gotten a handful of plastic Walmart bags to contain the puke-laden blanket and pj's. Well, we hadn't even yet pulled out of the parking lot when Middle pukes again. The plastic bags aren't working. He keeps trying to wipe his face on the slippery plastic AS HE'S VOMITING. Hubby takes the puke-filled bag, and goes back into Walmart (not WITH the bag. He throws that out first.)

And then Hubby comes out with a bucket and rolls of paper towels. NOW we're ready to get back on the road.

5 minutes later, Middle is SNORING next to me.

We arrived after midnight.

And then? Middle REFUSED to go to bed once we got to my parents house. He NEEDED his blanket.

I had to rinse off the CHUNKS so my Mom could put it in the wash. And then Gramma delivered the blanket to (thankfully sleeping) Middle at 2am.

And that was our road trip to NY.

More to come on the weekend itself. No more sickness, I promise!


karen said...

Maybe it's Albany? One of ours horked on our way by there this weekend, too! We took refuge in the Glens Falls Target.

tulipmom said...

Thank G-d for Walmart. What a nightmare! Brings back memories of a similarly pukey car trip to Montreal when SB was 4. Let's just say D. will never again tease me about packing so many changes of clothes.

Anonymous said...


We were also in NY this weekend, though we threw the children at my mother and rushed gleefully to the City. We were in the Binghamton area Sunday and today, though. Good times (no really, they were).

But this trip, and the last one - in April - had a horrible similarity: we made it to just past Worcester, and Jacob started to whine. And, well, let's just say that we've learned where the outdoor hose is at the Lee rest stop. And down 88. Ugh.

justme said...

oh man.....oh man.

Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll said... puking is the WORST. I hope the weekend improved from there!

Ali said...

your story right there? the very reason i fear the road trip!! ah! so sorry!

Wendy said...

I have yet to deal with the dreaded car trip puke but we are leaving for Cali in a couple weeks. I am sure I have jinxed myself now.

Glad to hear the rest of the weekend didn't include more sickness.

Lindsay said...

Oh man, that is disgusting. What a **memorable** trip!

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Bla. We had a pukey trip to SC once. Those trips are quite literally unforgettable. PS-car never to be the same. :o( MB

Amanda said...


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I laughed! (at the Wal-Mart clientele) I cried (at all the barfing).
Mine never got carsick.Thank God

MadMad said...

What did people do before blogging?! How could you not share a story like this?! Awesome! (Well. You know what I mean.)

Deb said...

You rinse off the chunks before washing things? I just let the washer filter grab those babies. You're obviously a better mom than I am.

Hilarious story. I am not looking forward to those days when my kids are older.

youarekiddingme said...

Ah, Walmart. What would we do without it? And thankfully, strolling through at 9 p.m. in puke covered clothes is just totally normal.


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