Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I'm Feeling Dehydrated

Nalgene water bottles are being pulled off the market!

These bottles are made up of polycarbonate plastic (commonly identified by the #7 recycling symbol), and although this type of plastic offers durability and heat-resistance, and most importantly to me, is odorless, it also has the potential to LEACH (ewww!) a hormone-disrupting chemical called bisphenol-A ("BPA").

Everyday wear-and-tear and cleaning via dishwasher could cause this leaching, and furthermore, the amount of leaching increases as the plastic ages. (Yep, DEFINITELY time to throw away all the old Nalgene bottles in the kitchen cabinets.)

BPA has been linked to neurological and behavioral problems in infants and babies, as well as certain cancers, diabetes and obesity (which is a TOTAL oxymoron if you're carrying around your Nalgene water bottle to stay hydrated in order to LOSE weight!)


So those of us who have MANY multicolored Nalgene bottles (me me me) and use them constantly (me me me) need to find replacements.

In doing some preliminary research, here's what I've come up with (thus saving you the hassle and aggravation. Because I'm giving like that.):

1. Stainless steel. It doesn't leach (that's SUCH a gross word, isn't it? Everytime I type it, I go into a full body shiver) or react, but you can't fill them with hot water. Price is around $18. Check out Klean Kanteen. They also make sippy cups.

2. Enamel coated aluminum. Try Sigg. These range around $20, but are very stylish and funky (because it of utmost importance to be stylish with your choice of beverage container, no?). They also make cute kids' water bottles. I'm a sucker for marketing. I'll probably invest in these. Because they look so darn fun.

3. Polypropylene. Poly-wha? Huh? This is the #5 recycling symbol. ( that? #7=BAD; #5=GOOD. Who knew?) Anyway, Rubbermaid has a whole selection of BPA free products, including water bottles.

4. Glass. Seems to be the safest bet. Although not so much practical. Especially for running. And around small children. And if you're klutzy in general (like me). Here's an example.

So there you go. That's your lesson for today!

And honestly? I don't think there's much out there anymore that's 100% safe. Short of cupping your hands together to drink directly from the stream. Like in the olden days.

Please let me know if you have any other alternatives or suggestions!


Balcony Gal said...

Oh how I've worried about this and keep meaning to get rid of my bottles once I get replacements. Your post is my kick in the butt to get the replacements and once again feel good about drinking water.

tulipmom said...

Ah yes, the dreaded BPA! I have spent a small fortune on non-BPA baby bottles these last few weeks. I decided to go with glass ... we'll see how long they last. I'll have to check out Kleen Kanteen when it's time for sippy cups. Thanks for the link.

Rachel said...

If you want to support a stay at home mama while buying your SIGGs, please consider my site: Thanks for taking the next steps towards healthy-ness!

Mom of 5 said...

Well, with the move, I've been purging quite a few things. Now I will take care of a few more. I am surprised at how many of these I had around for myself and the kids!

Amanda said...

No, no, 'cause there is almost certainly some sort of bad run off something or other in the stream!

Ay yai yai. Good post!

Speaking of water...break damnit!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Love the Kleen Kanteen! They make me feel strangely tough when I drink out of them. Ours have the 'sports top' which is easier for the kids to handle.

jayna said...

I tossed our Nalgene bottles quite a while ago when this stuff first started coming out. The husband and I have had SIGG bottles ever since, and I think they're wonderful. Well worth the investment.

Deb said...

But make sure you wash your hands before you go around cupping them into just any water supply! LOL... It's so much harder to be a mom these days, isn't it?

Sheila said...

I use the Polypropepppppp or whatever they're called. I usually stick them in the freezer filled with water a while before I have to go, so that the water is nice and cold.

Only problem is sometimes it freezes too well and then you've got ice. And you're trying to make that trickle of water get past the ice and out the hole. And you just look like a dork.

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Mayberry said...

I was gonna say what Amanda said. There is no way to win!

Happy Earth Day, anyway ...

hqm said...

Wonderful! I'll be checking out all our plastic this afternoon!

Greens and Pinks said...

I have a bunch of SIGG bottle that my husband and I use for our water and I have a few of the (tiny) little sport bottles for my daughter. She spills all over the freaking place but it's only water and I figure she'll get the hang of it eventually!

So I vote for SIGG. They're great.

MadMad said...

It's always something isn't it? Sigh.

Cathy Burke said...

I love my SIGGS and my kids use them too. Mostly I am waiting for signs of damage from the years of bottles and then sippy cups. My youngest was 5 before I threw the last one away (and feigned innocence) and he started using glasses.

Scared of the world we are leaving our kids! Hope they can have kids of their own-no matter how careful we are, they are still exposed to some toxic stuff.


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