Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Eldest

As Eldest was enjoying his snack of pretzel sticks and goldfish, he said to me, "Look Mom! I can pick up the goldfish like Chinese food, by using the pretzels as pork chops."

Puzzled, I had to pause for a second to try to comprehend. "Oh, do you mean chop sticks?"

"Yeah. Those."

Lately, Eldest had been constantly playing with a crappy Game Boy handed down from his older cousin. The screen on it was so faded that in order to see it, he had to sit directly under a light, hold it at just the right angle, and still squint. Feeling guilty that he may possibly go blind before age 7, Hubby and I caved and just bought him a Nintendo DS. He loves it. And better yet, it's great for bribery. He's got 3 games right now (a backyard football one, a motorcross racing one, and a Hotwheels one). Any other suggestions for Nintendo DS games for a 6 year old?

Much like his father, he's a sports nut. He was so excited to discover a special on the Top 50 Catches of All Time (both football and baseball). So we taped the show and Eldest excitedly informed his father, "Dad! Best Damn is on!" Yeah, the name of the show was called the Best Damn Sports Show.

Which led us to a discussion with him that "damn" is not a nice word and he shouldn't say it. He, in turn, inquired why it's pronounced "dam" when there's an N on the end. So all the rest of that day, I would randomly overhead him muttering "Dammmmmmm-neh."

Thanks a bunch, Comcast Cable.


Judy said...

We lovelovelovelove the Lego Star Wars games for the DS. HUGE Star Wars boys in our house. We also have a Harry Potter game and some Garfield one, but by far our fave is Star Wars.

AFRo said...

DO NOT get Pokemon games! I repeat: DO NOT!!! We haven't advanced to the DS yet, but my 6YO is OCD over some Pokemon games.

I love this post BTW.

Whirlwind said...

Our oldest has a crappy game boy and is currently saving money up for a DS. She's about 1/2 way there.

For games, I recommend LEGO Star Wars, any Pokemon, New Super Mario Bros., or Harvest Moon. My six year old loves them and they are enough to give her a challenge but not tough enough that she can't get through them with a little work.

hqm said...

All three of our GIRLS love Mario Cart!

Amy said...

Oh he sounds too cute! Dam-neh!

Deb said...

Pork chops!! *snicker*

Janet said...

We are still in GameBoy-land. Although, if DS has the Star Wars trilogy game, Drew can't get enough of it lately.

Amanda said...

Briar says to me the other day, "Hey Mom? When Daddy paints does he sometimes drop a little bit of paint?"

I nodded my head and said, "Yes."

She responded sagely, "And then he says 'Fuck', right?"

After a brief choking episode I said, "As a matter of fact he does, but, well, he shouldn't."

She pondered this, nodded and walked away.

Mom of 5 said...

Pork chops!!!!! I love it.

I just asked Bulldog for his recommendation on games. He says..

"Pokemon. But he would have to read a lot, so if he can't read a lot, he shouldn't get Pokemon".

His other suggestion,

"This mixed up character racing game"

I asked him what it was.

"I dunno. I can't remember."

Hubby thinks it was called Nick Toons Racing.

Bulldog just added that "Animal Crossing" is a good game.

Anonymous said...

MarioKart, Lego Starwars, and the Mario Bros Game. If they can read, Animal Crossing is good too.


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