Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Winners Are...

Did you miss me, my pretties?!

Ok, I know I'm not handing out heavy golden men, but hey, I'm only one woman here...and DEFINITELY check back tonight as I will be blogging about the 2008 Oscars, just like I did last year.

Soooo...with plenty of help from Eldest (he wrote out all the names and picked them from his Celtics hat), here are the winners of my book giveaways:

#1 The Middle Place goes to Motorcycle Grandma!
#2 The Glass Castle goes to windycindy!
#3 The Sky Isn't Visible from Here goes to Feener!

Thanks for playing everyone! Check back often as I am now in the thick of doing book reviews for a few different publishers.

Here's a peek at what future giveaways you have to look forward to from the Trenches:

1. The Liar's Diary
2. Firefly Lane
3. Ask Again Later

See you tonight at the Oscars. Me and my smoking bod bag of Doritos will be in a designer dress and jewels sweatpants and slippers on the red carpet comfy couch.


Anonymous said...

OK. I just love that pic of your cutie and SKY. SWOON!!!!
xoxoxo, Felicia

Janet said...

I completely forgot about the Oscars! I may not get around to watching them, but the Doritos sound good....

Grandma Cebe said...

Eldest did a great job picking the winners. He also did a great job writing my screen name. His education thus far must be paying off.



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