Monday, January 07, 2008


Last night was a fitful night's sleep. Conveniently for him, Hubby had taken coma-inducing drugs nighttime cold medicine and managed to snore his way through the following "excitement":

Baby was up 3-4 times (I lost track), calling for us and basically demanding our presence in his bedroom. Each time, I was forced to get up (lest he wake his sleeping brothers) to go SHUSH him and cover him up with his blankets.


Eldest approached my bedside at some point, requesting that I blow his nose for him because he was "snuffy". But he didn't just come up to me and ask. He simply STOOD there at the side of my bed, STARING at me until I awoke. Seriously.


But the kicker was Middle. I happened to hear him shuffling to the potty in his feety pajamas. And then the shrieking (as only a child who had colic for 6 months can shriek). "Shit", I thought as I groped for my (coke-bottle) glasses and stumbled to the bathroom. I flicked on the light, causing both of us to squint at the unexpected brightness. "My unders are wet", he wailed. I tried to be soothing, as inside I silently seethed at myself for being so frigging cheap and not wanting to spend any more money on Pullups.

Then I assessed the damage to his bed. Total ruination by pee. Sighing, I went into Mommy Efficiency Mode, stripping the bed and tossing the sopping heap into a pile in the hallway to be dealt with at a more reasonable hour. So Middle slept the rest of the night on top of his bare mattress and bare pillow (how the HELL did he manage to piss on the pillowcase?), snuggled up in the few remaining blankets that somehow escaped the Super Soaking.

Needless to say, 5:45 a.m. came a little too quickly today.



Cara said...

I thought I had a rough few I see we are all in it together.
We need a nap!

Ali said...

this is why i am afraid to give up the pull-ups at night!!!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

ugh what a night! I had to leave my bed because a 34 lb two year old was pushing me off my bed.

alas I slept in a twin bed!

gotta love the late night wake-ups.

Judy said...

Egads, sounds like our house, plus one child!

I try to find comfort in nights such as this one that if they are going to be up, at least they are ALL going to be up, as opposed to possibly one being up one night, one up the next, etc, etc.

Of course, there doesn't seem to be a night around here where someone ISN'T up - I'm still waiting for that day to come.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you girl,too funny!

Potty Mummy said...

The pillow? Clearly, a boy of talent...

Anonymous said...

I'm adding "total ruination" to my repetoire!

Anonymous said...

I know all about the pillow pee... how does it happen? Man, I am there with you. My eldest woke three times. Once to tell me his foot hurt... ahhh, okay? A second to tell me it was raining & he didn't like it... yeahhhhhh. and then a third because he was mad that he hit his music box in the middle of the night and turned on the sounds of the forest. For GOODNESS SAKE... get a hold of yourself young man! And then the youngest was feeling left out and had to tell me he didn't like wearing his PJ's at 2:00 am... and wanted to put clothes on. Does it get more ridiculous?

Angela said...

Hope you sleep tonight.

Deb said...

The staring totally freaks me out. My kid does that in the morning. We co-sleep, and he pops up and stares at me until I wake up. Then he grins. It's kind of magical sometimes. Most of the time... not.


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