Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poop Scoop

As a mom, isn't it generally true that you know your child's*ahem*poop schedule? Meaning, you have a pretty good idea of the frequency and consistency (ewww) from the time they are born, right?

Well, now that I'm working full-time, I've sorta been out of the "poop loop", if you will.

Eldest and Middle are easy though. I can always tell that Eldest is fine by the regular occurrence of the skids in his unders. And Middle certainly isn't shy about demanding at the top of his lungs, "Come wipe my buh-hutt!" So needless to say, neither of the 2 of them are a mystery.

Poor Baby though. Lately he's been all bound up. And since I've had to relinquish my role as primary diaper-changer (oh darn), I haven't been as aware of what's coming down his poop chute. Which, as of late, has been nothing.

Wednesday night, I heard him crying in the playroom (his usual room of choice for pooping), "Poop huhts, poopie huhts", amidst groans. And our nanny had remarked that earlier that day she had caught him rocking on all fours, trying to squeeze out a turd. Poor buddy.

Benefiber to the rescue! Since Thursday, Ive been adding 1/2 tsp. of the powder to all of his sippy cups, and have been instructing his caregivers (my Sis on Thurs. and our nanny on Fri.) to do the same.

Yet today, still no luck. A few farts with lumps and that's it. So even though the diaper changes have been a breeze this weekend, I'm still a bit concerned.

Of course, tomorrow we've been invited to a birthday party at a "private party zone featuring giant, soft, interactive fun-filled inflatables." much you wanna bet that it's my child whose diaper oozes and overflows with (fiber-induced) CRAP inside one of those bouncy play zones???


Angela said...

Now isn't that the way it always is though

Judy said...

OOOH,yes, we love the Benefiber here - all the way around! The only time I have cursed benefiber is when the hubster made spaghetti and dumped a bunch of it into the sauce WITHOUT WARNING ANYONE - it wasn't even April Fools or anything! That was a rough couple of days for all of us - took stock in Charmin that year...

Barb Matijevich said...

Dude, have you tried Miralax? It's over the counter now and it's completely orderless and tasteless. It's what we used for our oldest when she was potty-training and had her first poop accident and I inadvertently gagged. Well, she wouldn't poop voluntarily after that for SIX MONTHS. We're talking impacted bowels and enemas--suppositories--all these things that are outlawed under the Geneva Convention. It got to where we were promising her Thomas the Tank trains if she would just poop--anywhere! "Look honey, here's some freshly cleaned carpet--have at it!" Finally I went to see the doctor who had, I'm not kidding, just come back from a Poop Symposium, and he wrote a prescription for Miralax.

Mischief Managed.

tulipmom said...

Poop chute ... you crack me up! We're big fans of Benefiber here given all of SB's constipation issues. I mix it in his omelettes and pasta. Poor Baby ... I hope he gets it out before the party.

Suz said...

Maybe you should take Baby back to see Boots at the bookstore, that seemed to do the trick for him, in that department! Good luck with the poop situation :)

Sarah said...

yep. could happen. totally.

Anonymous said...

We use prunes...or prune juice.
But be prepared....sometimes you could get an explosion!
Both kids have had problems in this
"area" one time or another. But the prunes always work!
Good luck!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Oh thanks for posting this!

We're having the same, um, problem around these parts and I was just thinking about calling you about the amounts you use.

Hope the little one doesn't leave any nasty presents at the birthday party.

Anne B. said...

I also recommend Miralax. We give our 9 month old a half a dose every 2-3 days. It works great.

Anne B. said...

By the way, Miralax --at least in the states, not sure where other poster is-- is available without a perscription!

Stacey said...

I feel your pain. I've had this problem with my daughter for the last couple of years. I didn't realize it was a problem until we started potty training. By that time her painful poops had led her to holding for several days.

I wish I had realized it earlier (she was never telling us her poop hurt and would go every 2- 3 days which the doctor told us was normal ).
I've had her on Miralax and Benefiber for some time now .
It's the worst point she held her poops for 11 days. We were almost headed to Children's Hospital but then lo and behold she went. We have a calendar in the kitchen specifically to record the days that she goes so we can make sure she goes regularly. Crazy, I know!
I'm hopeful as she gets older she'll be less finicky and will eat more high fiber foods. I'd like not to have to give her Miralax just to get her to go.

Good luck and hang in there!


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