Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Part of a Nutritious Breakfast...

This morning, while Middle was eating his hot, fresh and lovingly prepared breakfast cold, dry pop-tart that I whipped out of the aluminum packaging and threw on a plastic plate for him, he broke off a piece of the end and informed me,
"Mom, I'm not eating this bite. It's too poinky."
That may just be my new favorite word.


amanda said...

as a 3rd grade teacher who loves to make up words - i love it! i think i might add it to my own collection :)

Judy said...

I am oh so familiar with this breakfast you serve. Eggs and bacon may be my goal, but cold pop tarts are usually the norm!

Mom of 5 said...

Ahhhh. the breakfast of busy mom's. It's actually one of baby's favorite things. :) And "poinky" made me laugh out loud. :)

karen said...

Poinky! I know exactly which bit of the PopTart he means.


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