Friday, January 04, 2008

Going Up?

(I was going to title this Going Down, but thought better of it...*ahem*)

I know I've vented here before about how annoying people are my transition to full-time employment. Here's yet another quirk of business people here in Boston (and everywhere else in the working world, I'd imagine...)

Common knowledge: You press either the "up" or "down" button to summon the elevator. And then you stand there and wait for said elevator, right?

Only idiots: Walk up to the elevators where others are already standing around waiting, the buttons having already been pressed, and push the button again. Just for good measure? Because only YOUR touch will make the elevator arrive quicker?



Anonymous said...

How about when people push the button repeatedly as if the more you push it the quicker it comes.

Janet said...

There's just something about a button that begs to be pushed.

Ever see the movie Elf? I love that scene where Will Ferrell pushes all of the buttons inside the elevator and then says, "It looks just like a Christmas tree!" This comment has become completely irrelevant to your post. I apologize. ;)

Shell in the City said...

The song "Love in an Elevator" now comes to mind. Yes, I tend to think of songs to go with most situations. Although this song doesn't apply to the situation, the "going down" part does!! A little Aerosmith can't hurt anyone!!

Amanda said...

Oooh, do go catty on us more often. This was delicious!

Ms. Skywalker said...

I believe that if there were an actual census on the amount of total idiots, it would surpass the rest of the population.

Cynthia said...

Wait, that doesn't make the elevator come quicker?;)

Deb said...

Well, of course, because obviously, the first person who pressed the button (aka "You" or "Me") is an idiot or it would have come already.

kristi said...

Ugh I hate that too. I also hate when I am feverishly working and someone comes up to my desk and asks, "Are you busy?"


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