Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't Mess with the Mommies and Their Margaritas

Yesterday, I met up with The Girls for our annual holiday gift exchange. (We draw names at Thanksgiving, and hello? with 15 children between the 6 of us, scheduling time around the holidays to meet up is impossible.) Lots of laughs (and margaritas!) were had by all.

Two out of the six of us have blogs. The other four three are Blog Stalkers. The remaining Girl kept saying, "Huh? Wha?" everytime past blog material was mentioned, so her homework for our next Girls Day is to come prepared, dammit!

Anyway, please go say hi to my in-real-life friend (a/k/a one of The Girls) at her blog, In (Not So) Perfect Balance) and wish her luck on her new teaching position that starts today tomorrow! (Yeah, we're having a slight weather issue around here today...)

I got this long-sleeved shirt as one of my gifts. It has a little pink rhinestone on one of the front teeth. How awesome is it? Very me.

And you know what else? All of The Girls had such CUTE HAIR yesterday. I want me some CUTE HAIR! It's becoming an obsession. I think I need a new style. Maybe long bangs? Perhaps more layers? But DEFINITELY more color to hide the multiplying grays.


melissious said...

How fun! I need a girls' night! I love the shirt... but switch that rhinestone to blue. ;)

hqm said...

Love it!

Fratzels said...

A girl's night full of margaritas - sounds like perfection!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt - had to laugh. And I know what you mean about getting new hair. I am going Wed to get 'new hair'. It had better work!

Angela said...

Girls nights are soooo much fun
Waiting around for my two men to leave for a week

Jen said...

So I hear the big thing is bangs. Bangs are everywhere. I am in a cute hair coveting mode, myself - so post pictures if you get a cut or change.

Oh for a stylist!

Unknown said...

The gift exchange is such a great excuse to make the husbands actually babysit, I mean take care of their own children! Kudos to you and all of the girls for having some margaritas! And the shirt is too cute. Just one recommendation if you do decide to change your hair...don't do the Victoria Beckham is already played out here in 58 year old mom has one...enough said!

Mom of 5 said...

I WANT that shirt!!!!! I love it!!! It sounds like you had a blast.

I cut my LONG hair awhile back. I did longer bangs and layers. I LOVE It. I want to do the bangs a little shorter (they are already too long again) and layer it a bit more, and I think it will be perfect. Having long bangs is good because you can still pull it all back.

I can't wait to see what you decide!

OHmommy said...

How fun! I am thinking about getting a new color... to hide the grays and a new bang cut.... to hide my new three forehead wrinkles. Arggg!!!!

Deb said...

I must have one of those shirts! I must also have hair color, but that will need to wait until my colorist returns from vacation.


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