Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Spewage

I got my hair cut (yes, again) on Saturday. Actually, everyone in the Trenches did. Hubby took the boyz to the barbershop and I went alone (to NOT a barbershop). I wasn't happy with my latest 'do. It needed to be shorter length-wise. I felt like I was rocking the fem-mullett (you know, "business in the front, party in the back") although nowhere near as mullet-licious as my neighbor here. So now I'm back to shoulder-length. Much bettah.
(It's hardly obvious that we're all saying "cheeeeese", right?)

As for Rainman's latest obsession: the phone book. Yep. He's reading it. Searching for the last names of classmates, friends, family, neighbors and past tee-ball and football teammates and compiling a list of names and phone numbers. The other night he had his face buried betwixt the pages, and then peered up at Hubby and I and remarked, "There sure are a lot of Bakers in here."
Both of us just stared at him, suppressing the urge to laugh at him.

The commuter rail line I take to and from work is notoriously horrendous. In just 20 trips thus far (but who's counting?), it has been late (by 30 minutes or more) 4 times already. That's one-fifth of the time. Twenty percent. Meaning, I can almost count on the fact that I will be late either to work or home at night to see my family at least once a week. How's that for aggravating?

And speaking of the train, please allow me to vent:

You, Loud Cell Phone Talker: What makes you think that everyone else wants to hear your innane conversation? Do you really think you're that important? Talk quietly. Or better yet, SHUT UP!

You, Train Sleeper: My Hubby snores. Hell, allegedly, I snore. I get it. But snoring is best left to the bedroom. Amongst kin. Being stuck listening to a perfect stranger's snorts and grunts is beyond annoying. Please don't subject me to your sleep apnea. Thanks.

You, Wintertime Cougher: Suck on a frickin' throat lozenge, for the love of God. They cost less than a dollar. Get yerself some. I'm tired of hearing your hacking every 6.2 seconds.

(deep breath, sip of wine, hands clasped, OHMMMMMMMMMMMM)


And guess who was the Guest of Honor at an annual Christmas party we attended this weekend? Hint: To a 2 year old, he's just as scary as Diego and Boots, even if he does bring presents.


Carla said...

I have been thinking of you and your trips out into the real world with real live snoring, hacking, and yapping adults!! It sounds like so far so good?
I wasn't prepared for The Denise Mullet. GAH.

Angela said...

You have got to love that public transportation
The man in red is very scary

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love your haircut! And my kid FREAKED when Santa arrived. Santa actually handed out presents, and Justin turned the present down, and got the hell out of dodge!

Anonymous said...

That photo is too funny. And your hair looks very cute!

Christine said...

That Denise mullet was downright frightening...I thought for a minute it was a joke.

The other day I was at a restaurant with a friend and her cell rang. It was horrible...she talked SOOOOO loud and everyone was shooting US dirty looks. I was like, "She doesn't have a volume control, what can I do?" Very embarrassing.

justme said...

ohhh the commute. and the commuters !!! you left one type of annoying commuter out, the orgami maker...yes that one guy (sorry it is usually a guy) reads the paper and has to bend and turn every page with as much noise as a jet flying over head. i haven't commuted since sass was born, but man i recall those mofos like it was yesterday. oh and there was a group of four who played cards...that was a JOY

TheOneTrueSue said...

Perfect picture. My kids are terrified of Santa too - not just the guy in person, but the whole idea of him. A stranger, coming into the house, in the middle of the night, eating our cookies. They are not fans.

tulipmom said...

Beautiful picture! Your hair looks great!

Sometimes I think it's a good thing we don't celebrate Christmas because the whole Santa thing would freak out SB. He's terrified of life-sized costumed "characters" ... sitting on Santa's lap ... not in a million years!!

Deb said...

I just did away with the mullet and went for the Katie Holmes look, so I totally feel you on that situation.

I love seeing photos of kids crying over Santa Claus. I'm not sure what that says about me, especially since I'm a mom, but I can't conceal my giggles any longer.

Candace said...

great photos! LOVE them!


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