Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joy to the World (Trenches Edition)

Joy to the world
Christmas is o'er
And Mommy's back at work.
The boyz are home
With Grams and Gramps
And eighty-million toys
(And zillions of twist-ties)
Yes, eighty, yes eighty
Zillion toys.

My house is trashed
With boxes and wrap
And needles off the tree.
And all the loot
Needs adult assembly
And batteries are required
And batteries are required
And batteries, and batteries
Are required.

Can't wait for Jan.
To rid the Trenches
Of all this Christmas crap.
Take down the tree
And lose some weight
And put away the toys (but where?)
And put away the toys (but where?)
And put, and put
Away the toys.


Angela said...

liked your song.
I have my son's toys in laundry baskets. not expensive and has handles to pull

Deb said...

Some assembly required!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh you're crackin me up. I keep trying to clean my home and these new toys with all their damned little pieces keep invading the place. I admit I just threw some in the trash today, some little pieces. I would be willing to be a large sum them will not be missed.

And would you believe I am actually counting down the days until January first when I can get on my New Years Diet and get some of this weight off. Remind me of that somewhere around the 5th.

Is your job/commute/long hours situation improving? I have been thinking of you and wondering how I would fare back in the work place full time right now. It would be such a culture shock.

Candace said...

I sang it in my head. and now it's stuck in my head.

MadMad said...

Damn. I did what Candace did. But still, worth it, since it was so funny!


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